How to choose a safe location for venting?

When designing industrial facilities, it is important to designate a safe location or several of them for venting. It is especially vital if you vent high pressure or hazardous gases to atmosphere. They pose a massive risk to people on and around the site. So, the vents must be in the safest possible spots. You may also need to use a vent silencer at each outlet to minimise the noise. Continue reading “How to choose a safe location for venting?”

The duct work and ductwork distinction

Working in an environment with loud industrial noise is something you should not do. At least, you shouldn’t without the right protections in place. This can include personal equipment like ear plugs. An even more effective option would be installing attenuators. You attach these devices to machines and noisy systems to lower the sound they produce. It can massively improve the setting, making it much safer for people to work in the vicinity. Continue reading “The duct work and ductwork distinction”

Will an attenuator benefit my HVAC system?

If you own an industrial facility, you need to do everything you can to keep noise levels down. It will protect staff, the wider public, the environment, and sensitive equipment. There are special tools like the attenuator that you can use to reduce sound levels. We are a business that designs and provides these goods. Using our acoustic modelling software, we can produce something that works for your particular systems. Continue reading “Will an attenuator benefit my HVAC system?”

The benefits of using a rotary blower discharge silencer

Industrial silencers aren’t something you see every day. But they are installations we need more of. They play a crucial role in managing sound levels. This keeps those working and visiting safe from the detrimental effects of noise. It can also reduce breakout noises to protect the environment. Our establishment is one of the most respected silencer specialists in the UK. We can offer clients first class intake silencer designs as well as many others. Continue reading “The benefits of using a rotary blower discharge silencer”

Characteristics and examples of industrial noise

Noise pollution is a problem for many people. One place where it’s especially prevalent though is inside industrial facilities. They make use of heavy machinery that regularly generates harmful sound levels. If you want to avoid the issues associated with these noisy settings, you must use the right equipment. We’re talking about silencers, installations we have plenty of experience with. Ours is a team that can offer in-line silencer designs and many others for your needs, so rely on us. Continue reading “Characteristics and examples of industrial noise”