All you need to know about the blowdown separator

If you work in an industrial setting, you will be familiar with the noise the operations produce. Some facilities can be dangerously loud on a daily basis. Therefore, to avoid the problems the noise brings, it is a good idea to use silencers. These installations attach to your machines and systems, minimising the sounds they produce. We are a business excelling in providing numerous designs. This includes the blowdown silencer as well as many others. Continue reading “All you need to know about the blowdown separator”

Know your propane noises

Industrial silencers aren’t your standard installations. If you have a manufacturing facility or similar property with noisy machines though, you will want to use them. When someone stays in a loud environment for too long, their health can be at risk. The effects can be permanent, such as hearing damage or deafness. To ensure safety, you will want to use the likes of our natural gas silencers and other designs. We can provide them. Continue reading “Know your propane noises”

Will having the right pneumatic silencer help the workforce?

Industrial silencers aren’t the most common of items, but they serve a vital purpose. It is their job to keep noise levels down in our work settings. Without them, we’d be putting workers at great risk. Fortunately, Ventx is a business that excels in providing the right silencer for every client. We can offer air vent silencer products, pneumatic silencers, and many others. Continue reading “Will having the right pneumatic silencer help the workforce?”

Factors that influence high-pressure vent noise

Industrial noise causes many issues inside facilities. This is true for both the workers and any visitors that go there. Long term exposure can result in permanent damage. Also, if the noise levels are high enough, even short term exposure can be damaging. If you want to control the noise coming from sources like your steam vent, you should use our silencers. They are designed to keep noise levels to a minimum. Continue reading “Factors that influence high-pressure vent noise”