Three different air intake systems

Industrial engines and generators can create a huge amount of noise. It will primarily happen because high pressure gas releases from the exhausts. However, there can also be sounds from the air intakes. This can even change the sound of the whole piece of plant or system. In some cases it may be necessary to use an intake silencer to reduce the sound and make industrial facilities safer. Continue reading “Three different air intake systems”

Using marine inline silencers

The marine industry is one of the most challenging to work in. There is a lot to think about, especially when it comes to safety. While water is the main concern, there are also problems with noise. The sounds can travel long distances over water and will even get louder when temperatures are lower. They can harm people and the environment. As a result, businesses may need to look at silencing solutions. An inline silencer could be the perfect model in many cases. Continue reading “Using marine inline silencers”

Countering the noise created by industrial fans

Loud noises are both annoying and potentially dangerous. For this reason, we make it our job to design a wide array of silencers. Your personal circumstances could require a discharge silencer for example. What we will do is use our specialist software to create the ideal product and then install it for you. This ensures you get the most effective silencing. Continue reading “Countering the noise created by industrial fans”