Where do we need to take action against noise?

The problem with industrial environments is that they often produce a lot of noise. It can affect productivity. More importantly though, it can undermine people’s health. Some of the effects could be permanent too, especially hearing damage. To avoid this, you need to use specialist utensils like the autoclave silencer, or similar designs. They reduce the noise produced by your machinery, therefore resulting in a safer work environment.

Industrial noise is excessive or outright unwanted sound generated by various activities. It’s a sort of environmental noise that has many sources. Examples include energy production sites, manufacturing plants, and factories. You need to address the sound to produce a healthy and safe work setting for employees. It will minimise the impact on them as well as the surrounding communities. What we want to do is give an overview of the sources of the noise. With the information, you will then have a better idea of where you need to take action.

Power plants

Firstly, we have power plant noise. Energy production facilities use renewable resources and fossil fuels in their efforts. The result is a lot of noise. It typically comes from exhaust mechanisms, cooling systems, generators, and turbines specifically.


Textile production facilities create excessive noise too. They have loud dyeing mechanisms, looms, and spinning machines, so it can get very noisy.

Wood processing

The timber industry can be very noisy too. Processing and sawmill facilities create noise through activities. These include planing, sawing, and similar operations. Autoclaves to treat wood can be especially loud. You may need an autoclave silencer to reduce the level.


These plants are guilty of industrial noise pollution as well. Industries like metal smelting, cement production, and chemical processing involve complicated operations. So, they often result in noise as a byproduct.

One of the noisiest types of manufacturing is automotive. Plants here have assembly lines that use all sorts of heavy equipment and machines. They can create a lot of sound when making new vehicles.

Metal foundries

These facilities can’t escape the noise either. Foundries responsible for producing cast metal parts are very noisy. This is because of metal pouring, moulds, and furnaces.

Do you need an autoclave silencer?

At Ventx, we keep industrial workers and visitors to sites safe with our silencer designs. Having these installations also allows you to conform to UK’s environmental standards, something which is incredibly important today. We can provide solutions for clients with existing sites and plants in the design stage.

So, if we can help you in any way, whether with an autoclave silencer or another design, please let us know.