The facts about boiler kettling noise

Noise originates from various sources, including boilers, fans, and heavy machinery. It can prove to be annoying and detrimental to our health. With the right tools at your disposal though, it shouldn’t be an issue. As for what these tools are, we’re referring to silencers. They attach to your systems and limit the sound they generate. They come in many forms too, such as the steam boiler silencer.

Have you heard a strange sound coming from your boiler? If you have, you might be experiencing kettling. Being one of the many noises they can produce, you need to know the ins and outs of it. That’s what we are going to discuss here, so read on to learn more.

What is it?

Before you determine the cause of kettling, it pays to know what it actually is. This is a whistling, popping, or bubbling noise your boiler produces when it’s running. Just think of what you get with a boiling kettle; it is the same kind of sounds here.


There are a few causes of kettling. You should consider them all and then decide if you need a steam boiler silencer or another solution.

Water flow

Typically, the hot water within a boiler shouldn’t boil. However, if something was to make the water flow slow down, chances are your water could boil. It could result in the noise.


Your water could also boil here because it is getting too hot. This results in steam, generating the noises. Usually, an overheating boiler comes down to faulty thermostats. It can also be the result of partially/fully blocked pipework. If you have a blockage, you might need to have someone look at the system.


No boiler can escape limescale build-up. Despite it being a natural occurrence, you must deal with it. If the scaling starts to produce a blockage, the water and heat will have a limited amount of space to move. This will cause the boiler to make the kettling noise. Also, limescale can cause blockages in the system to the extent that some appliances don’t work so well anymore.


Finally, a leak may be to blame. Here, the system will attempt to balance the pressure and water flow, causing kettling. If you believe this might be the case for your system, you should check for leaks. You could have one anywhere throughout the pipework or close to the boiler unit.

Speak to us and get a steam boiler silencer

At Ventx, we design many different silencers to suit various needs. Our team has worked with clients in numerous industries over the years to meet their specifications. Thanks to our expertise, as well as modern acoustic modelling software, we can deliver the solutions they need.

So, let us know if you have an issue with noise from boilers. We may be able to give you a steam boiler silencer to reduce it.