Reducing Noise

An industrial vent silencer is different in that it uses an expansion chamber to reduce the pressure of the gas flow. There is also an absorptive core to further reduce the sound. A vent silencer is very strong, in order to resist the vibration inherent in such a system.

reducing noiseIn line silencers reduce the noise created by gas flow while it is still within the system. We can supply these custom silencers as complete units. We also offer them as acoustic cores to insert into existing pipework.

More information on several of these models can be found on our Solutions page.

Many companies find it necessary to use industrial exhaust silencers. They do this in order to comply with UK environmental standards. Our goal is to offer a complete solution to your needs in this area. We do this right through from the analysis and design stages to manufacturing and installing your silencer. We can even design units for plants which are still at the design stage. Contact us at Ventx to learn more about what we do.

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