Think about soundscapes

Workplaces can be really stressful. A number of factors can influence this, including the noise, hustle and bustle, and even the layout. If businesses want to protect their employees, ensuring their wellbeing, they should think about how they can improve everything. One thing to look at is the soundscapes. They can have a massive impact on people. We want to explore this today, then if you need industrial silencers, you can rely on us.

What are they?

A soundscape is the acoustic environment that we can perceive. As a result, they can differ massively depending on the location and what is going on. For example, soundscapes in rural settings will be far different to what you get in urban spots.

There are typically three major components in a soundscape. Firstly is anthrophony, or the noise from humans and human activity, including machinery, equipment, and voices. Secondly is biophony, or the noise of natural biological sources like animals and insects. Finally is geophony, or noise from geophysical sources such as rainfall or the wind.

The issue

Soundscapes are typically unique to each space with a specific blend of the three components. You need to consider crucial things like the location, equipment, number of people, and building materials. For example, the noise of rain can be much louder on certain types of roofing.

The main issue is the soundscape can be distracting, especially certain kinds of noise. This can cause issues for workers, distracting them from tasks or creating barriers for communication and collaboration. It can even disrupt the circadian rhythms, influencing sleep and wellbeing. Plus, loud noises or a generally noisy backdrop can lead to hearing damage and other problems.

What to do?

There are a number of things you can try to improve the situation. This includes the use of things like industrial silencers to reduce noise from equipment, HVAC systems, valves, and more.

A good idea is to start by ensuring you understand the soundscape. Analyse noise from all the various sources, including anthrophony, biophony, and geophony. You can then decide which are the most problematic and work to reduce them.

One thing you may need is to be careful with your choice of building materials and the layout of spaces. This can have a massive affect on the acoustics. They could accidentally make soundscapes worse by redirecting and amplifying noise. This is especially likely if you use hard and reflective materials. A better idea is to use absorptive resources and insulation. You could even choose things like acoustic panels to break up sounds.

Finally, you can use smart soundscapes. There has been a lot of work in the last few years to control noise and improve workplaces. A notable one looks to improve the soundscape by using more natural sounds to reduce distracting noises. The audio environment can easily adapt over the course of a day, addressing the level of background noise at any specific points. It can have a massive impact on concentration and wellbeing.

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