Eliminate construction noise

Industrial noise can originate from a multitude of sources. That’s why it is important to have the right solutions on hand to deal with the problem. Ours is an establishment that specialises in this. We design and supply silencers that will keep noise levels in your facilities to a minimum. Our offerings include the safety valve silencer and many other models.

Noise pollution is an invisible issue that affects countless people every day. From highway traffic to loud music at concerts, it can take several forms. Construction noise is another. It contributes to problems like disruption of local wildlife and higher blood pressure. Despite noise pollution being a problem on site, there are ways to minimise it. We are going to dive more deeply into this subject here.

Consider the noise you will make

One solution is to eliminate noise during the design phase. It’s possible to do this by picking gear that lowers noise levels, favouring modern equipment. Also, you can get rid of design flaws capable of increasing noise.

You could cover metal wheels, tables, and similar things with rubber to lower vibration. Modifying parts will enable you to minimise ringing and rattle too. Another possibility would be lining hoppers, metal chutes, and tumbling barrels with an elastic material. This will lower material shock between components.

Using silencers

With silencers, you can factor them into the design of your machines and systems during the design phase. Consider anything that could be noise sources such as vents and exhausts. A safety valve silencer may also be necessary anywhere you have one, especially on high pressure pipes. If you invest in silencing solutions, you’ll be able to keep noise levels down from the start.

Something else you can do is use sound-absorbing materials. They can work wonders in minimising construction noise. Materials like concrete, wood, and metal are sound reflective substances. Sound waves bounce off them, making noise a more serious issue. Instead, you should utilise materials like fibreglass or foam padding that absorb sounds. These are the kinds of materials we use in our silencers to create the required effect.

You should also think about the layout of the site. Construction is a noisy process even if you are careful. To limit the dangers it causes, you need to think carefully about where you are building on sites, including where people will be and the impact on neighbours.

Do you need a safety valve silencer or a different model?

At Ventx, we make use of acoustic modelling software. It allows us to design the right silencers for every client. This could be for safety valves, vents, exhausts, and much more. With our help, you will have the ideal solution for your circumstances.

We always recommend you speak to us as early as possible in the design phase of a project. That way it will be easier to address noise and create solutions such as safety valve silencer designs. So, if there is any way we can help you, please let us know.