Warehouse noise is as bad as factory and construction noise

Noise pollution is a persisting problem in industrial settings. It puts the people working here in danger. Ours is an establishment that can help. To do so, we supply steam vent silencers and other solutions. They attach to your vents, valves, and other systems to minimise the noise they produce. Therefore, you will be able to operate in a safer, more effective manner.

The noise-related risks to workers are as serious in a warehouse as they are in factories. So, warehouse operators have to come up with noise reduction strategies. We are going to have a deeper look at why noise control is critical in warehouses. This also includes looking at the key factors that can contribute to a healthier environment.

The sound level

Estimates suggest warehouse noise levels can reach 90 decibels with ease. This is equal to what you find with a construction site or factory. In many warehouses though, operatives don’t make use of ear protection PPE. It can leave them at risk of hearing damage.

The thing about workplace noises is that the law regulates them. Thus, keeping the level within safe limits matters for compliance as well as from an occupational health perspective. Straightforward strategies, like matching your choice of trolley castors to the floor type you have, can make a difference. If there is particularly noisy machinery or systems in place, you will want to attach a silencer to them. It will lower the noise they generate.

Noise isn’t simply annoying

Exposure to excessive noise has health implications that go past annoyance. Constant exposure leads to hearing damage and loss. Noise doesn’t even have to be noticeably loud to do harm. Moderate ambient workplace noises can have the same effect. Furthermore, noise causes stress among workers. Human bodies have an automatic physiological response. It ranges from releasing stress hormones to spikes in blood pressure. It can impact productivity because it causes exhaustion.


To prevent the negative influence of workplace noise, you must identify the leading factors contributing to it. With warehouses, these include the use of pallet trucks, roll cages, and trolleys. All three can expose operators to noises over 85dB, so you need to be careful.

Another is the loading and unloading of stock via rear trailer ramps. Two more are rotating wrapping machines, and box and pallet strapping or taping equipment. All of them can generate dangerous noises.

By knowing the array of noise sources, you can then take steps to deal with the sounds they create. This can ensure you get the best results with noise reduction.

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