Using parallel baffle silencers

The amount of noise that comes from industrial discharge vents can be very harmful. Depending on the type of gas, the temperature, the pressure, and the flow velocity, the sounds can be loud and travel a long way. As a result, they can be harmful to people on and off the site. Plus, they can be a danger to the environment. With that in mind you need to choose the right tools to mitigate the noise. Ventx can provide a discharge silencer to help with this. Continue reading “Using parallel baffle silencers”

Noise pollution can threaten animal life

We are aware of how troublesome loud noise can be. That is why we aim to supply the finest silencers in the industry. Our team is able to design many different models, including a blow down silencer. This is critical because you need the correct design to work with your existing systems. Ventx is a name you can trust here because we have years of experience and use modern acoustic software to gather data before creating a product. Continue reading “Noise pollution can threaten animal life”

Is noise pollution dangerous for children?

We combat the issues that come around because of industrial noise pollution. To do so, our business provides high quality silencer technology. Our products have the ability to offset the problems you face here. They do this by reducing the noises that come from all kinds of machinery and systems. That includes fans, generators, and duct work. We offer many models, including a blow off silencer. The silencers will ensure people have a much more pleasant experience at work and also help the environment. Continue reading “Is noise pollution dangerous for children?”