Tackling excess pressure

Pressure is essential for a wide array of applications. For example, we would not have hydraulics, pneumatics, and many other systems without being able to pressurise liquid or gas. However, it does lead to safety risks. Excess pressure (over-pressurisation) can cause serious problems. There can also be noise concerns. We want to have a closer look at what causes the problem and how businesses are tackling it. Then, if you need a safety valve silencer, you can ask us. Continue reading “Tackling excess pressure”

When should we perform noise exposure surveys?

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t work in a constantly noisy environment. For one thing, it is annoying and can affect performance. Secondly, communication becomes difficult and there can be a high risk of accidents. Most importantly, people can suffer from several health issues that become irreversible. We can help by providing you with autoclave silencer equipment and many other silencers. Continue reading “When should we perform noise exposure surveys?”

Choose the right type of industrial steam boiler

Many industrial facilities continue to use steam boilers because they offer a number of crucial benefits. For example, they are the most efficient if you consider how fast the heat can travel throughout the building. The heat control can be precise too and they can have smaller pipes with no need for pumps. However, you may need a steam boiler silencer to address noise. It may be a requirement for every type of appliance. Continue reading “Choose the right type of industrial steam boiler”

Effective communication in high-noise environments

Industrial noise pollution can cause multiple issues in many environments. It can influence the people working in them and those living in the surrounding area. Even wildlife can end up affected. To prevent these problems, you should work with us. Ours is a team that excels in industrial silencer design. If you have a high-noise environment, our utensils can help reduce the sound to allow effective communication. Continue reading “Effective communication in high-noise environments”

Mining businesses must monitor their noise levels

We’re an establishment that works to provide the best solutions for industrial noise reduction. This is an important area for many reasons. For one thing, having the right installations will protect workers from many issues. Also, the silencers comply with the UK environmental standards. Even better, they can protect equipment and performance. So, if you haven’t already, you should start using these solutions. Continue reading “Mining businesses must monitor their noise levels”