Occupational noise mistakes that businesses must avoid

Anyone who has experience with industrial noise pollution will know how troublesome it is. It can cause many health issues, some of which are irreversible. To help prevent them, we design and provide a series of silencing products. This includes our attenuators. We create these devices specifically to reduce the noise in your work environments. Continue reading “Occupational noise mistakes that businesses must avoid”

Safe place vs safe person with noise control

Everyone wants the best solutions to deal with their noise issues. We are here to tell you that you can find some of the most reliable ones at Ventx. We use our experience and 3D modelling software to develop silencing tools. They will be capable of tackling the client’s problems. We can design an intake silencer and many other models, ensuring we can cater for most needs. Continue reading “Safe place vs safe person with noise control”

Noise considerations for smoke shaft systems

People who frequently enter noisy environments are at a great deal of risk. As a result employers are constantly seeking out the best way to keep sound levels to a minimum. We believe we have the solution you are looking for. Our speciality is designing silencers capable of meeting all the requirements of a client. We can produce an in-line silencer and many other designs to suit them. Continue reading “Noise considerations for smoke shaft systems”

Fan efficiency and noise go hand in hand

Fans can be vital in many industrial facilities and other buildings. However, using them can generate a lot of noise in some cases. When this happens it can harm people on and around the site. To tackle the issue, it is important to design the systems properly. It can also be necessary to use bespoke silencers. This could include an inline silencer that fits into the system. Continue reading “Fan efficiency and noise go hand in hand”