Workplace design is crucial for noise control

There are various hazards in different workplaces. Businesses need to consider all of them to ensure staff and visitors won’t be in harm’s way. One of the most important to look at is the sound level. When it is too noisy it can cause all kinds of issues. It can harm employees, have an impact on performance, and hurt the reputation of the business. As a result, it is a good idea to consider noise control and workplace design as early as possible. Continue reading “Workplace design is crucial for noise control”

Silencers used for ventilation system noise control

Industrial noise can cause problems for workers and the surrounding environment. Ours is a business dedicated to supplying specialist equipment that can help. We are referring to the silencers our team designs and supplies. They exist in a multitude of forms to meet differing needs. You can find everything from diffuser silencer models to vent designs here, so we can cater for most needs. Continue reading “Silencers used for ventilation system noise control”

How to choose a safe location for venting?

When designing industrial facilities, it is important to designate a safe location or several of them for venting. It is especially vital if you vent high pressure or hazardous gases to atmosphere. They pose a massive risk to people on and around the site. So, the vents must be in the safest possible spots. You may also need to use a vent silencer at each outlet to minimise the noise. Continue reading “How to choose a safe location for venting?”

The duct work and ductwork distinction

Working in an environment with loud industrial noise is something you should not do. At least, you shouldn’t without the right protections in place. This can include personal equipment like ear plugs. An even more effective option would be installing attenuators. You attach these devices to machines and noisy systems to lower the sound they produce. It can massively improve the setting, making it much safer for people to work in the vicinity. Continue reading “The duct work and ductwork distinction”