Diagnosing that noisy boiler

Exposing people to loud sounds for a long period of time is problematic for many reasons. There are physical and mental reasons to avoid putting anyone in such a position. However, if it is necessary for people to be in a noisy area, you are going to need a noise reduction solution. Our company can help you by providing the most effective silencers. We offer a full range of models, including a steam boiler silencer and options for fans, vents, and more. Continue reading “Diagnosing that noisy boiler”

Silencers for industrial stacks

Tall chimneys are one of the hallmarks of industrial sites. In fact, there are some cases when they become iconic pieces of architecture; just look at the former Battersea Power Station. However, when they are operational, these stacks need the right design. They must be able to withstand mechanical, thermodynamic, and aerodynamic pressure. Plus, they may need to feature silencers to address the noise they create. It is important to get the industrial silencer design right here. Continue reading “Silencers for industrial stacks”

Which industries have the loudest noises to deal with?

At Ventx our goal is to make workplaces safer and ensure that operations don’t cause harm to employees or people nearby. To do this, we design silencers that we can add to noisy machinery or systems. With our help businesses can address their responsibilities for industrial noise reduction. We give them the best support and solutions that will work. Continue reading “Which industries have the loudest noises to deal with?”