Selecting the right filter for silencers

When you need to use silencers, you must ensure that they are the proper design. If your installation lacks something important or is the wrong size or shape, it won’t be able to minimise the noise effectively. Using our acoustic modelling software, we can create the right one for you. We will be able to offer you a discharge vent silencer that works as it should or any other model. Continue reading “Selecting the right filter for silencers”

The materials used to construct silencers

There are several things that can go wrong when you work in a noisy setting. For example, it can have an impact on your concentration and productivity. It can even harm your health. Some conditions are temporary but others can last for the rest of your life. By using our first rate silencers however, operators can reduce the noise. We can create blow down silencer models as well as various other products. Because of this, we can meet a wide variety of requirements. Continue reading “The materials used to construct silencers”

The huge array of applications for industrial blow off

The most interesting thing about the industrial sector is how diverse it is. You can find all kinds of activities going on, from oil and gas exploration to manufacturing. Then in each of these individual areas there are hundreds or thousands of processes taking place. At Ventx we play a key role in improving safety here. We specialise in silencing, offering a choice of models such as a blow off silencer, vent silencers, and more. Continue reading “The huge array of applications for industrial blow off”

The natural gas industry’s noise risks

Industrial silencers like our natural gas silencers definitely aren’t everyday items. However, they are vital ones for many sites. With them on your premises, you can keep the noise level to a minimum. This goes a long way to safeguarding the mental and physical health of people on and near the site. With our help, you will be able to acquire solutions that meet all the right requirements. Continue reading “The natural gas industry’s noise risks”