Two different types of noise to think about

Noise in industrial settings can be a very big problem. It can get so loud that it is harmful to people on the site, disturbing to people nearby, and damaging to the environment. There are lots of regulations in place in regards to the noise. Businesses must therefore ensure they comply or they could face big problems. Luckily Ventx can help by offering an industrial silencer to suit any need. Continue reading “Two different types of noise to think about”

Autoclaves are more important than ever now

There are lots of vital pieces of equipment in the healthcare sector. One machine that is often overlooked though, is the autoclave. It is easy to forget just how important it is. However, without them it would be harder to disinfect things. They are proving to be even more essential during the fight against COVID-19. At Ventx we can help the people who use them by offering a reliable autoclave silencer. Continue reading “Autoclaves are more important than ever now”