Think about soundscapes

Workplaces can be really stressful. A number of factors can influence this, including the noise, hustle and bustle, and even the layout. If businesses want to protect their employees, ensuring their wellbeing, they should think about how they can improve everything. One thing to look at is the soundscapes. They can have a massive impact on people. We want to explore this today, then if you need industrial silencers, you can rely on us. Continue reading “Think about soundscapes”

Four types of silencer for manufacturing floors

Industrial facilities come in all shapes and sizes, from massive plants and factories to small labs. They can feature a variety of different spaces too. One of the most hazardous is the manufacturing floors, also known by many as shop floors. This is the main production area. As a result, it can be dangerous, dirty, and noisy. It may require the use of an industrial silencer or a series of them to reduce the sound level and maximise safety. We want to look at this here, exploring the four options. Continue reading “Four types of silencer for manufacturing floors”

Where do we need to take action against noise?

The problem with industrial environments is that they often produce a lot of noise. It can affect productivity. More importantly though, it can undermine people’s health. Some of the effects could be permanent too, especially hearing damage. To avoid this, you need to use specialist utensils like the autoclave silencer, or similar designs. They reduce the noise produced by your machinery, therefore resulting in a safer work environment. Continue reading “Where do we need to take action against noise?”

The facts about boiler kettling noise

Noise originates from various sources, including boilers, fans, and heavy machinery. It can prove to be annoying and detrimental to our health. With the right tools at your disposal though, it shouldn’t be an issue. As for what these tools are, we’re referring to silencers. They attach to your systems and limit the sound they generate. They come in many forms too, such as the steam boiler silencer. Continue reading “The facts about boiler kettling noise”