The intricate details of vent silencers

To combat loud noises, you need silencers capable of doing the job. Not just any model will do. You need one specifically for your systems. We design steam vent silencer models and other styles. To do so, we use state of the art acoustic modelling software. Every single one we create is bespoke to suit the client’s needs. As a result, you will have a much easier time controlling the noise on your site. Continue reading “The intricate details of vent silencers”

Which styles of industrial silencers do you need?

Industrial settings can be incredibly noisy. This is largely due to the heavy machinery and systems in use on the sites. Repeat exposure to the loud noises can cause hearing damage and several other health problems in people who work on the site or live near it. To make sites safer, it is important to reduce the noise to a less harmful level. The best way to do this is with industrial silencers. Continue reading “Which styles of industrial silencers do you need?”

Silencing autoclaves

Autoclaves are not a new piece of equipment. In fact, the first steam steriliser dates back to the 19th century. This was when Charles Chamberland, a French microbiologist, found the benefits of using steam instead of open flames. Since then the technique has become a standard in medical facilities, research, and more. While the machinery is useful though, it can get noisy. Luckily, Ventx is here to help and can offer an autoclave silencer to suit any needs. Continue reading “Silencing autoclaves”