Are blow off and bypass valves really that different?

Loud noises are troublesome to say the least. Not only are they distracting, but they can result in several health problems. We aim to prevent these issues by offering first rate silencers. Our team can provide you with the finest blow off silencer design there is or a model to suit almost any other need. With our help, you will have a much more pleasant experience while you are at work. Continue reading “Are blow off and bypass valves really that different?”

Many things happen with steam distribution that increase noise

Industrial silencers aren’t something you see every day. When they do make an appearance though, it is always for a very good reason. You can use these tools to reduce noise coming from all kinds of sources. This includes a steam vent. The team will design something that fits in with the systems to reduce the sound and the harm it can cause. Continue reading “Many things happen with steam distribution that increase noise”

Separating dB from dBA

We are specialist designers of industrial silencers, able to support clients in all kinds of noisy industries. Our team works hard to ensure that clients have the tools they need to tackle their noise problems. It could be sound from a particular machine or piece of equipment, or a specific system or pipeline. In any case, we work to offer bespoke products that are safe as well as effective. Continue reading “Separating dB from dBA”