Workplace noise is expensive, distracting, and dangerous

Industrial noise is an issue that persists to this day. It can cause major problems for those working in factories and similar noisy environments. In many cases, said issues are permanent. The solution isn’t what you’d call an everyday item, but it is an essential one. With the right silencers, you can minimise the amount of sound your machinery produces. As specialists in industrial silencer design, we can provide everyone with ideal solutions.

Noise in the workplace can prove to be very annoying. Surveys indicate we care more about internal acoustics than workplace cleanliness. The trouble for both employers and workers though is that excessive noise goes past mild irritation. It can undermine our health, happiness, and physical condition. We’re going to discuss some of the ways in which noise affects workplace wellbeing.


To begin with, this is an expensive problem. The World Health Organisation estimates that, to Europe, the annual cost for excessive noise levels is £30billion. The figure accounts for reduced productivity, healthcare costs, and lost working days because of sickness.


Multitasking is far more difficult when you have noisy work areas because the sound is incredibly distracting. The more you try to multitask, the higher the chance you will be distracted by environmental noise. Habitual multitaskers have a greater chance of having their attention disrupted by sounds. Even worse, they will find it more difficult to return to their previous task following the distraction.


If you’re an earphone owner, plugging them in can also make matters worse. Some see them as the simplest solution to blocking out noises. However, this can cause its own problems. Repetitive tasks can benefit from some music. But, those calling for information retention can suffer. Plus, playing music can cause safety problems and is a barrier to communication.

Finally, earphones can cause irreversible hearing loss. Music as an escape from regular work comes with its own risks. Earphones rest in the ear canal. They put sounds closer to the cochlea inner ear. Music levels increase by nine decibels. Such an increase can harm tiny sensitive hair cells found in the cochlea. These work to relay sounds to our brains. The louder the music, especially to dampen other noises, the more dangerous it is.

Try a better option with industrial silencer design services

At Ventx, we take our noise reduction work seriously. By using acoustic modelling software, we can craft the ideal solutions for every client. They can be from any kind of industry, with different facilities and goals. We’ll do our best to deliver the most reliable products.

We’re flexible with industrial silencer design, finding the most effective style, shape, and materials for each application. So, let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.