Noise pollution sources in ocean environments

Industrial noise reduction is an area we work in because we’re aware of the damage it can cause. It is not only people that are at risk here; environments and the animals that live there are also affected. As such, we design and supply silencers capable of lowering the noise levels of industrial machinery.

Noise pollution exists up above and down below. Oceans aren’t safe from it sadly. Human activities here like construction, commercial shipping, sonars, and exploration prove problematic. Their continued use has led to a rise in ocean noise levels. The pollution here has major effects on the marine ecosystem. Also, noises in the ocean can be fatal to animals depending on sounds to thrive.

Water and marine life is essential to sustaining the planet. Thus, it is essential to keep our oceans and their inhabitants safe from danger. What we are going to do is explore a couple of ocean noise pollution sources in detail. Then, you might want to look at methods of industrial noise reduction that could help.


Two kinds of sonar exist. Firstly there are the passive ones listening for underwater sounds. The other is the active systems emitting sounds. They detect and find items using the returning echo. You can categorise them based on the frequency of their signals, either low, mid, or high. Active sonars are mainly employed by the military in routine activities and exercises. An example would be locating enemy submarines.

Not every marine species works on the same level of sound frequency. Thus, some animals can be more influenced than others. This depends on the duration and intensity of noise produced by the sonars. If not properly monitored, they could cause hearing loss in fish and lead to whales losing their way.


We are building more and more things in the oceans, including pipelines, wind turbines, and oil rigs. Such work creates a large amount of noise emissions. Everyone knows surface level construction work generates a lot of sound, but it also has an impact under the water. Continuous use of transport and machinery creating loud noises at low frequencies disrupts the ocean’s flora and fauna.

Marine dredging is a particular construction activity that can alter the soil composition. This can cause underwater plants to disappear. Or, it can ruin a fish’s home and source of nourishment. Furthermore, it increases the ocean’s sound levels. Oil and gas activities produce a fair amount of noise too because of all the machinery.

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