Everything you need to know about steam vent silencers

Ventx is a company that specialises in industrial silencers, helping clients from across the globe. Industries that require this equipment include any who vent gas into the air. If you find yourself having to silence a noisy steam vent, then you should invest in our products. We offer steam vent silencers and other noise solutions.

Vent silencing can limit the noise of steam or gas flow inside a pipeline. These noises might exist because of the high velocity flow along the valve. It may also be due to a barrier inside the line that abruptly alters or impedes the flow’s direction.


Steam vent silencerOur silencers suit many applications with steam vents and purge outlets. They also prove useful when working with system blow downs, safety relief outlets, and high-pressure vents. Vent and blow down noise is generally because of upstream temperature and pressure, and the effect of downstream piping. The valve type and size, as well as the kind of gas you’re venting are vital too. We design every silencer to diminish the noise volume to the desired level at a set distance from the device.

Within any blow off/gas venting or steam set up, the main noise release happens at the open stack exit. You install the blow off silencer at the outlet or inside the stack. It cuts the noise off before it can escape. With passive silencer design, the product uses two foundational noise-limiting principles. Dissipative components offer balanced noise depletion over a large frequency scope. Reactive components supply maximal noise cutback in a more focused frequency band.

Looking for steam vent silencers?

At Ventx, we use our cutting edge computer software to provide customers with suitable silencing solutions. With it, we can perceive the noise volume that’s most likely and work from there. As a result we are confident we can provide the right solution for any kind of steam vent, noisy system or piece of machinery.

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Assessing the risks of industrial noise

Every employer is responsible for ensuring their employees are safe from things that could harm them. As a result there are many regulations to meet. One of the most important is Control of Noise at Work 2005. This details that employers must take steps to protect employees’ hearing, especially if they work with or around noisy tools and machinery. This is even more important when dealing with industrial noise.

What are the health effects of industrial noise?

Exposure to loud noises can cause temporary and permanent hearing loss. The effects can be sudden or gradual depending on the decibels. It is more common for damage to build up over time because of spending a lot of time in noisy environments.

In addition loud noises can cause tinnitus. The ringing, buzzing or humming can be very hard to live with because it is constant when there is no background noise to drown it out. As a result sufferers can end up having trouble sleeping and being in quiet environments.

Do you have noise at work?

industrial noiseAll workplaces will be noisy in one way or another. When the sound reaches harmful decibels it is vital that employees and visitors have the correct hearing protection. You may need to provide this if:

•The noise is intrusive
•Employees need to raise their voices to have a normal conversation
•Power tools or machinery are in use for more than half an hour at a time
•The industry is noisy, including construction, demolition or fabrication
•There are regular loud impact noises
•Explosives are used

Do a risk assessment

If you think noise is a problem in your workplace you should do a risk assessment. This will help to identify sources, exposure and what kind of control measures might be necessary. You may need to install industrial silencers on the noisiest equipment.

Ventx is a leading authority on industrial noise. It is something we have helped a number of clients to deal with. Our highly trained team can provide unique solutions for various needs, including processes in gas and oil production.

Our team is happy to provide more information and recommendations. If you would like our help please feel free to contact us.

How do industrial silencers work with HVAC structures?

When it comes to industrial silencers, no company can perform better than ours can. Using our first class merchandise, we can help you to create a quieter, safer environment. If you are currently looking for a solution you can depend on, you’ve come to the right place.

Soundproofing technology is commonly used with HVAC systems. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning can be very noisy. This is due to loud fans or motors. Sound waves can travel through the ductwork, filtering into the area. They can also echo through ducts and come out the end, causing a lot of noise as a result.

What you need to do

Industrial silencerThe first step should be to decide where you should set up the HVAC systems. It is important to get it right so that the noises won’t be disturbing or harmful to people. Therefore it is a good idea to have a map of noise propagation. The introduction of noise management solutions like silencers also means you need to think of space restrictions. It is vital you have enough room for the additional equipment, including any silencers. You also need to consider aerodynamic pressure losses and fan selection.

On one hand, the requirement is to limit the noise produced by gas or air flow. On the other, you must avoid the undermining of these flows. For this reason, you can consider a silencer appropriate for these situations.

Industrial silencers from the experts

At Ventx, we go above and beyond to ensure that our customers leave satisfied with our industrial silencers and services. Thanks to the materials we use, these utensils can endure any thermal shock generated via extreme temperatures. Furthermore, they come with an inlet diffuser. Its purpose is to decrease the valve’s size through a controlled back pressure.

If you would like more details about industrial silencers, feel free to contact us anytime. We offer a full service, from design to installation and after-care. Rely on us if you have a noisy HVAC system.