The ways silencers influence flow systems

In some industrial settings the noise levels can get dangerously high. Usually, you need a custom intake silencer to minimise them. We are a top supplier of these fine products. Because of our broad experience, we can create solutions that get the job done without fail.
Noise regulations tend to get stricter with each passing year. Industrial complexes must comply with them or they can face big penalties. We can help our clients to meet their responsibilities, providing silencers as well as useful advice.
One typically uses a silencer to impair sounds. A sound can originate from exhaust or intake set-ups. Many of these systems can be found in areas with very little space. Here, the contact between these systems and other machinery becomes essential. This is particularly true for any system that includes high flow velocities. We feel that it’s necessary to talk about what happens when you introduce a silencer to a flow system.

Additional pressure drop

There is an extra pressure drop in these systems when you add in a silencer. With a fitting design, it can be very low. You can also recover the drop from the dynamic head.
Aside from this drop, there can be extra effects. This depends on where you position the silencer though. For example there could be a mixing procedure downstream from the silencer. The flow may be non-uniform and turbulent into the downstream equipment. This is if you place something within the mixing region. As a result, there might be a loss in the performance of downstream hardware.
It’s possible for the pressure drop through your apparatus to be high. This is if you located your silencer upstream of an elbow.
At Ventx, we include an inlet diffuser with all of our intake silencers. Its purpose is to lower the size of the valve. We design and fabricate every one with the appropriate design code in mind. Additionally, we always consider PED requirements.
If you need our advice or a high quality product, please get in touch. We have the skills to offer silencing solutions for a huge array of clients.