Passive, reactive, and active attenuators

Your noise issues may be getting the better of you right now. However, that will all change once you order one of our attenuators. We design each product so it serves the client and suits the specific needs. Once you start using them, you’ll see why our silencers are the best.
Some prefer using the term attenuator over silencer. This is because they reduce the sound instead of getting rid of it. Saying silencer gives some people the wrong idea.
There are three ways in which attenuators work to reduce noises. We are going to discuss all of them here so you can decide which option is best for you.


Firstly, we have the passive approach. An attenuator of this nature uses substances that absorb sound to turn the energy into a small amount of heat. You can use passive attenuators for various projects. The most useful application is lowering the sound that comes from inside a duct system.

Reactive attenuator

We’re going to move onto reactive attenuators next. They utilise resonance to soak up sound energy. Normally, these supplement reactive systems. As a result they can broaden the scope of frequencies. These solutions are usually for combustion engine exhaust systems.


Finally, we have active attenuators. They manufacture extra sound energy. Said energy is 180 degrees out of phase with the undesired sound. It also cancels some of it out. Active attenuation is getting more popular for specialist applications.
At Ventx, the bespoke products we offer allow you to satisfy certain legislation. There are laws about the effect industrial operations have on environments. They are stringent. Therefore, you often need a custom measure for reducing sound. Our attenuators can satisfy this need.
If you would like our help, feel free to get in touch with us. Just tell us about your silencing needs and we will create the best solution. Our products are high quality and will last because we only use the best materials and test every item.