Can we use baffles in our vent silencers?

It’s difficult to work in noisy conditions. Sometimes, it can even prove detrimental to your health. Luckily we provide solutions that make things easier. One of our best offerings is the vent silencer. With one, you can lower unwelcome sounds generated by steam flow as well as gas in a pipeline.
Baffle is a word you might not have heard of in the context of sound. However, you’ll have likely seen the product. Imagine a recording studio. The walls tend to have a somewhat peculiar shape with squares of triangular material. This has a similar makeup to an egg box.
You use baffles in locations where you’re going to hear a massive degree of echo. As a result they’re very common in concert halls. The echoes you hear are the sound bouncing off walls and other hard surfaces. Baffles shall absorb the sound waves instead of allowing them to bounce off walls.
It’s possible that you might have encountered specially arranged DIY recording studios. Often, individuals use egg boxes to soundproof the walls. This is because it is the same basic concept of having a material to absorb the sound. However, the scale is much smaller than a professional set up. The arrangement isn’t as efficient either.

A silencer’s role in the studio

Within the vent systems for the majority of recording booths, there will be a silencer of some description. Whilst someone is recording, you can’t have them overheating but the recording cannot be allowed to pick up sound coming from the AC unit. A silencer is able to prevent this.
Baffles are incredibly effective and are a brilliant option for diffusing sound. As such, you’re probably wondering why we don’t use them in every vent silencer. It’s because they create a huge amount of air and sound resistance. In ventilation ducts, you can’t have too much of the first. You’d require a strong fan to get sufficient air flow otherwise.
At Ventx, our silencers come in handy for various applications. Examples include system blow downs, purge and flare outlets, and steam vents. Whether it is a vent silencer or another model such as inline, we create products to suit the specific application. This maximises the sound reduction.
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