How much pressure drop can I allow?

When the situation calls for industrial silencers, people come straight to us. Our expert team is capable of creating designs for all kinds of situations. This includes in-line silencer solutions. Every product is high quality and will offer long term service, especially with the right maintenance plan.
There’s one important thing we’ve learned during our years as silencer suppliers. It’s that you can’t simply put silencers wherever you like. You need to consider a myriad of variables before you can make any decisions. We’re going to discuss what it is you should be thinking about here so you can get the very best results.

Pressure drop

You have to discover the amount of silencer pressure drop that has been permitted for in the system design. This includes system effects. In most cases, the requirements are the same. The pressure drop shouldn’t surpass 0.35″.

Aerodynamic system effect losses

The silencer’s user always needs to think about the attached losses from aerodynamic system effects. This is if their silencer is in a location where there are less than perfect conditions at the inlet. It’s the same if there aren’t great conditions for the discharge. In these circumstances, the silencer’s effective pressure drop shall go up. The losses from the added system effect can also pass the pressure drop.


You could have an elbow fitting that is immediately after the silencer. This will stop the silencer’s exit velocity pressure from recouping static pressure. Moreover, the nearby velocities from inside the elbow fitting will be huge. They’ll be bigger than the average duct velocity. It’ll be more turbulent as well. These elements shall generate higher overall losses in static pressure.
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Whether you need an in-line silencer or another style, we can create a reliable product for you. If you would like to place an order, please get in touch.