The UK’s workplace noise action levels

The problem with working in an industrial setting is the noise. Spending long periods of time in places with high noise levels can damage your hearing. The results can be permanent too. To avoid this, it is necessary to utilise the right tools. We’re a business that specialises in providing these goods. In our collection, you can find steam vent silencer designs as well as many more. Continue reading “The UK’s workplace noise action levels”

Do you need a silencer for your air compressor?

If you look at the various developments in recent machine-age history, few have been as crucial as the air compressor. Because of the compressors, factories, workshops and other facilities around the globe can work more effectively. However, there is an important thing to think about; the noise. We want to have a look at the topic in more detail here. Then if you need an in-line silencer to reduce the sound, we can provide it. Continue reading “Do you need a silencer for your air compressor?”

Identifying noises from air vents

We’re nearing that point of the year where arguments will begin about turning on the heating. However, this is also the time where people start to notice issues. They may have not used the heating in five or six months. So, the first use after such a long period could result in strange noises from the boiler, air vents, and other areas. We want to have a look at some of the causes here. Then, if you need a vent silencer or another solution, we can provide it. Continue reading “Identifying noises from air vents”