The connection between noise and a lack of sleep

We tackle the issue of industrial noise pollution by designing and installing bespoke silencers. There are many potential designs, including the in-line silencer. The one you need will depend on the systems you have, the level of noise, the risks, and more. Using our acoustic modelling software, we will get a better idea of the hazards and use the data to create the perfect solutions. Continue reading “The connection between noise and a lack of sleep”

Soundproofing an air vent and maintaining the flow

You can find air vents in all kinds of properties, from large industrial facilities to office blocks and shops. They serve an important purpose to ensure spaces get the right ventilation. This is essential if there are no windows or an insufficient number of them. But, they can be noisy as sound can travel easily through the ducts. To tackle the problem, you may need to install a vent silencer. Continue reading “Soundproofing an air vent and maintaining the flow”