An alternative to venting to atmosphere

Industrial noise is a big problem in the UK. There are a number of noisy industries that need to do more to reduce the sound so they don’t harm people or the environment. Ventx can offer assistance here. We specialise in tackling noises by delivering high quality silencers. We can offer models to suit most needs, whether it is a steam vent silencer or an item to address sound from fans. Continue reading “An alternative to venting to atmosphere”

Earplugs and headphones are only temporary solutions

Our business has been assisting clients with their noise control needs for a long time. We have done this through the use of acoustic modelling software. With it we can get an idea of the problems and then deliver the most effective silencers. These products are meant to minimise the noise in and around your facilities. What makes our solutions so special is that we design them to fit with your current systems to ensure the best results. Continue reading “Earplugs and headphones are only temporary solutions”

Plan for air pressure

We are known for supplying a wide array of silencers to industrial clients. This includes models like the diffuser silencer. Considering how annoying and dangerous the noise from these settings can be, our products are welcome utensils. We design them to work with those systems you already have on the site, ensuring we address the source of the sounds. Continue reading “Plan for air pressure”