Don’t let aerodynamic noise ruin performance

When many people think about the noise from processing plants, they focus on the health and safety side. However, excessive noises here can also ruin plant performance. It is important to think about this as even a small inefficiency can result in much higher costs. Ventx can help. We can offer products like a bespoke gas vent silencer and look at ways to tackle the issue. Continue reading “Don’t let aerodynamic noise ruin performance”

Designing silencers to suit the type of gas you vent

Releasing high pressure gases to the atmosphere creates some very loud noises. As a result there are a number of health and safety regulations to observe. These protect people on the site, anyone in the nearby areas, and the environment. There are rules regarding where you can place a discharge vent and what you need to do if the noise is too excessive. In many cases it may be necessary to install silencers to reduce the sounds to a less hazardous level. Continue reading “Designing silencers to suit the type of gas you vent”

Businesses suffer when there is too much noise

In order to effectively limit the noise from by your property, you need the right equipment. This has to have the proper design in the first place as well. Our company has a lot of experience in this area. We have spent years using our specialist software to produce silencers that can suit the application. This includes the blow down silencer and various other designs. Continue reading “Businesses suffer when there is too much noise”