Is your HVAC system ready for summer?

One of the major problems in the UK when it comes to property maintenance is too many people wait until there is an issue. It can make it harder and more costly to resolve them. Being proactive is much better. That is the case in every regard, whether it is checking the HVAC system, roofing, or even things like attenuators.

While spring has only just arrived, it is a good idea to make sure your HVAC system will be ready for summer. You likely won’t need it much this season, but it could become vital in the next one, especially for workplaces. It is a wise idea to prepare now and make sure it will be ready.

What to do?

There are a number of crucial things you should do here. Firstly, it is important to check air filters. If they are dirty or damaged, it can have a big impact on air quality, efficiency, energy bills, and noise. So, you may need to clean them or get replacements.

Secondly, you should check the condensate drain line. HVAC systems have the drains to remove moisture from the system. However, in time they can suffer from clogs. If that happens, it can lead to leaks and makes the system less efficient. It is a good idea to have a look and clean the line if necessary.

Thirdly, you should inspect parts of the HVAC system that are outside. Make sure there is nothing blocking the air intake.

Finally, you should check all of the vents and exhausts. You don’t want them to be dirty and clogged as it will hurt system performance. In the worst cases it will mean you are circulating dirty air and contaminants in the property. Have a look and clean them if you need to.

If you have attenuators, make sure you check and clean them too. That can also help performance and ensure you don’t have noise issues.


In some cases it may be best to contact a professional about your HVAC system. A technician can do a more thorough check to make sure everything is in order. If they spot issues, you can arrange repairs, replacements, or further cleaning. Ultimately, it can ensure your system is efficient, safe, and reliable.

Ask us about attenuators

At Ventx we know how crucial HVAC systems are. They can be essential for the health, safety, and comfort of people in all kinds of properties. However, there are also issues with energy efficiency, hygiene, and noise. The right kind of upkeep can help with a number of these problems. High quality silencers and other solutions can also tackle noise. We are happy to supply products to do the latter.

So, if you want attenuators or other solutions, please contact us. Our knowledge of acoustics, engineering, and noise control in different industries is vital to ensuring you get the best products.