Don’t assume you know everything about noise-induced hearing loss

A noisy work environment isn’t one you want to be in. Long term exposure can cause several complications. Even being around excessive noise for a short time isn’t healthy if the sounds are loud enough. By using our attenuator products though, you can keep the noise at reasonable levels. We make our goods using the highest quality materials and design them with care to maximise the performance.

At times, we can experience extremely loud sounds. Even if the exposure is only brief, it can cause harm to our inner ears. This can lead to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). There are various misconceptions surrounding this problem. Not everyone knows the facts. We do however, and we are going to share them with you here.

Everyday activities have no impact

Our first misconception is that everyday loud activities are unable to influence our hearing. This is definitely not the case. It is possible for NIHL to be caused by a plethora of sources. Examples include farm/lawn equipment, firearms, fireworks, sporting events, and concerts. These could be things you use every day without even realising the sound is loud enough to harm you.

Hearing loss does not affect the rest of your health

Another misconception is that hearing loss won’t affect the rest of your health. Untreated NIHL increases the danger of someone undergoing cognitive decline. It can also cause depression, social isolation, falls, balance disorders, dizziness, and dementia.

Moreover, hearing loss takes away our ability to remain aware of our surroundings. It can have a massive impact because people may not be able to recognise safety hazards. As a result, it can mean more risk of injury at work, in public, and even around the home.

It is immediately noticeable

The last misconception we will discuss is that NIHL is something you notice immediately. In truth, it is often the result of years of loud noise exposure. You may not see signs until you have a permanent ringing in your ears. In some cases it will take a co-worker, friend, or family member to point out common hearing loss signs. But, once the damage is done, you can’t reverse it.

What to do?

Comprehending noise hazards and safeguarding in a high-noise setting can help. Using the likes of attenuators and other silencer products will be vital if you work in a noisy industrial setting. You can also look for ear protectors you can use when you are going to noisy events like concerts. Plus, it is a good idea to choose quieter equipment like lawn mowers to use as part of your job and at home.

Do you want us to design an attenuator for you?

At Ventx, we’ve been working with silencers for over a decade. Our establishment has served the needs of the Services and Petro-Chem industries as well as many others. What we do here is conduct acoustic analysis to learn as much as we can about the noise, including the sources, paths, and other details. We then create a bespoke solution.

With the right attenuator by your side, you can keep noise levels under control. So, please contact us if you want our utensils.