Choose an inline diffuser silencer for valves

A huge array of different systems need valves for the control and regulation of pressure. It could be boilers, heat exchangers, autoclaves, or pneumatic tools. The idea is the valve can open when pressures exceed a specific level to allow it to drop back down. The issue here is it can create a lot of noise. However, an inline diffuser can help with it. Ventx can provide bespoke solutions to suit all needs.

Major noise problems

A lot of people don’t understand the severity of noise. However, it can be one of the biggest causes of ill health and environmental damage. A single noise over 125dB could irreversibly damage hearing. Regular exposure to sounds over 85dB can cause hearing loss too.

The noises can also have a massive impact on people in the neighbouring areas. Loud sounds can travel very long distances, especially if there are no barriers. It can cause disruption to sleep, relaxation, and more. The stress and strain can have a big impact on the health and wellbeing of locals.

Industrial noise pollution is also very harmful to the environment. It can disrupt wildlife in a number of ways. In some cases it can lead to a decline in populations because of disruptions to mating cycles and nesting.

Using an inline diffuser

With control and safety valves, the best thing to do is look at diffusers. They can go directly into the pipework after the valve. What they do is minimise the pressure drop to reduce the noise. They can do this without an impact on the flow capacity. The best designs share the pressure drop to optimise the process.

There are a number of benefits here. Most important is it can require minimal alteration of your system. The only challenge is generally insertion of the diffuser to ensure it is in the right place. Other than that it isn’t usually necessary to change anything else.

Using a diffuser can also save you from having to use acoustic cladding. Some people use it to clad the pipes to help dampen the noise. However, it can be costly, time consuming to install, and increase maintenance time. It is better to avoid it the diffusers alone will be enough.

Work with Ventx

We have built a reputation as one of the best industrial silencer experts in the UK. You can ask us to design and manufacture a range of solutions, whether it is an inline diffuser or another model. We ensure every product suits your needs, with the right hole sizing, spacing, and casing. The latter will comply with the necessary codes.

So, if you need help with noise please contact us.