Cleaning silencers in power facilities

Industrial silencers are of great benefit to those who work within noisy environments. They help to prevent the physical damage loud sounds can cause. To get the best results though, you need to ensure you are using the right model. Our team supplies in-line silencer designs and various others. This way, we can match the differing needs of every client to bespoke equipment.

One fact about silencers is that they will likely be in use for long stretches of time. In fact, they can become more vital as systems age due to dirt and wear to components. So, maintenance is important. It could prove necessary to clean the exhaust port threads. Polluted exhaust air has the potential to meld with dust and dirt. Should this occur, it will fill the threads up with a thick paste. If you fail to cleanse them, your silencers can experience damage.

In this post, we want to discuss maintaining silencers in power facilities in more detail. The equipment is even more important here because the noises can be exceptionally loud.


Silencers will benefit from a bit of external cleaning. You can also aim to clean pollutants existing deep inside your silencing materials. But, this will only work for the variants using large-pore membranes. They are the only ones that will experience improvements.

Use commercially available solvents

You are able to clean metal silencers by using whatever solvent is commercially available. However, certain silencers use porous plastics, like sintered polythene. It is not a good idea to clean them using solvents based on chlorinated hydrocarbons. The problem with these is that they can cause considerable damage to the silencer.

The cleaning process requires you to soak your contraption in the solvent. Do this for five minutes. Afterward, you must do a bit of scrubbing with a hard-bristle or nylon brush. It is not wise to use wire brushes here. The reason is that they can damage your silencers. When you finish brushing, use compressed air to blow your silencer clean.

Do you need a reliable in-line silencer?

At Ventx, we have supplied our silencers to an exhaustive list of clients. Each one has had machinery or systems that produce unacceptable noise levels. However, every client is unique in many ways, such as the layout of the property, what they use, and how they are using it. Thus, we need to provide different designs like our in-line silencer and others to provide the best result. This is why we only offer bespoke products.

So, if you find yourself in need of our merchandise, please give us a call. We are happy to suggest solutions for power facilities and any other noisy industry.