Are birds causing trouble with your vents?

Many industries rely on vents to release steam and gases into the atmosphere. It is vital for a number of reasons, including reducing the pressure in various systems. Without the venting there would be a huge risk of system failure and even explosions. So, you will likely see a gas vent or series of them on most facilities.

There are a number of things to keep in mind with the vents though. For one, it can get noisy. The difference in pressure and a high flow speed can create loud noises every time you need to vent. With that in mind, it may be necessary to install a silencer. It will be a requirement if the noise is so loud that it could harm people or the environment.

The nature of vents also means you can have an issue with birds. This needs addressing as it could result in serious issues, high maintenance costs, and harm to the wildlife. We want to have a closer look at the problems here.

Why do birds like vents?

Birds look for safe, secure locations to nest. They tend to prefer places that are high up and far from potential predators. That can make a gas vent very attractive because of the location and height.

Vents often tend to be warm too. Again this is something a lot of birds look for, especially when they look for a location to nest and lay eggs. It can make a vent very appealing.

What are the issues?

It is dangerous to allow birds to nest in gas vents for a number of reasons. Firstly is the risk that they will clog up the pipe. If that happens, it can obstruct or completely restrict the venting. That can cause performance issues or serious system failure.

Secondly, birds can cause all kinds of issues because they bring pests and bad smells. That can cause lots of concerns with industrial operations. Contamination can be a major problem.

There is also the risk to the birds. Some will nest in a gas vent that doesn’t get a lot of use, such as emergency relief systems. If the system does need venting, it could kill the birds if the gas is exceptionally hot or high pressure.

Finally, there is the damage birds can cause to consider. Their presence can lead to more maintenance and repairs than you would expect. That can get costly and could even lead to additional shutdowns.

Talk to us if you need a solution for a gas vent

At Ventx we prioritise sound reduction to make industrial operations quieter. However, we can also factor in issues like birds. We can design silencers that include measures to stop them from accessing vents and pipes. It can provide long term protection from the problems they can cause.

So, if you want to find out more about how we can reduce noise from a gas vent and tackle bird problems, please contact us. We have a wealth of experience, ensuring we can support clients all over the UK in a variety of industries.