Making silencers work for HVAC Systems

At Ventx we work to tackle the myriad of problems that industrial noise pollution causes. For example, we can help to make workplaces safer, protect the environment, and even improve industrial activities. The silencers we design and supply minimise the noises coming from various forms of machinery. They can also dampen sounds from vents, pipes, and more. Using the likes of our discharge silencer designs, and others, you can better manage the noise.

Noisy HVAC equipment

One recurring application of soundproofing technology is HVAC systems. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions are vital in all properties. They ensure the spaces are safe to inhabit. However, they can release a lot of noise into our environments. It frequently surpasses the safe thresholds too. So, it is important to tackle it.

HVAC systems can get noisy for a number of reasons. Commonly the sound is due to the airflow and use of fans and motors. Usually, the noise moves along the length of the ductwork and then spills out of the mouth at the vent. In other instances, sound waves break out through the walls of your ductwork. They then spill into rooms.

You can use silencers to tackle the HVAC noise. However, you need to look at the system’s arrangement and other factors to get the best results.

The arrangement

The first step here is to inspect the spaces where you have the HVAC systems. It can give you a better idea of what you could be dealing with acoustically. You can then do an accurate mapping procedure of noise propagation. It must include the ventilation of equipment rooms, enclosures, and buildings.

Integrating noise management solutions like silencers into your system design then demands careful consideration. This is of aerodynamic pressure losses, fan selection, and space constraints. You don’t want to install anything if it won’t be effective or, even worse, will make things noisier.

The requirement, on one hand, is to lower the noise due to the gas or air flow. On the other, the solution needs to avoid compromising it. Also, the pressure drop needs to remain as low as it can. For this reason, silencers can be thought of as appropriate for all these factors. You can add them to the ventilation circuit and combine them with you machinery. This will acoustically isolate it in any direction.

HVAC silencers are a wonderful choice for applications demanding maximum insertion loss. It is the same for those needing rapid delivery, low maintenance, and low static pressure drop.

Talk to us if you want a discharge silencer

At Ventx, we have been designing and providing silencers for over a decade. As a result, we have all the experience and talent to provide clients with solutions that work. We can look at the specific issues in your property, including the equipment you use, the layout and materials, and operating conditions. This info can help to determine a solution.

So, if you need a discharge silencer or any other model, we’ll have no trouble getting you one. Feel free to speak to us if you have noise issues or are planning a new build or upgrade and want to ensure it will be quieter.