Why don’t baffles exist in every vent silencer?

There are many different kinds of industrial machines that can produce loud noise. However, there are also several silencer models capable of alleviating the sounds. We are a team that specialises in designing and providing them. Whether you have an issue with a loud discharge vent or something else, we can help.

When it gets hot, nothing makes you feel better than a cool breeze flowing through your building. This could be through a regular air con unit or ventilation ducts. Everyone knows the significance of having decent ventilation. The only issue here is the noise. Hearing the fan through your installation constantly can be very stressing. One solution is to use a silencer. A key part of many models is the baffles. Let’s have a closer look at these components.

What are they?

You might have seen this product before. Imagine being inside a recording studio. You could have seen that the walls possess an odd shape. They have triangular or square material, like that of an egg box. These are common here as well as in places like concert halls or anywhere else with a large degree of echo. This is where sound bounces off hard exteriors. The baffles will absorb the sound waves rather than allowing them to bounce off the walls.

In the vent systems for most recording rooms, a silencer would exist in the above units. You are unable to have people sweating here when they are recording. Moreover, they can’t have sound from the AC unit appearing on the recording. A silencer prevents this.

Not for every vent

Baffles don’t exist in every vent silencer though. Allow us to explain why. They are highly efficient and wonderful at dispersing sound waves. The issue with placing them in every vent silencer is that they are effective at generating sound resistance. They produce a great amount of air resistance too. It isn’t the best news when you are attempting to ventilate.

Within a vent, too much resistance will lead to you needing a powerful fan to get the right air flow. This can massively increase energy use. Plus, the fan can create even more noise, making the issue worse.

Mineral wool in favour of baffles creates enough resistance to sound. This is without lowering the airflow quantity. As a result, it can be a better alternative.

If you are unsure of whether baffles belong in your silencers, you can ask our professional team for help.

Do you need a discharge vent silencer?

At Ventx, the silencers we supply benefit both their users and any visitors to the site. Also, they allow you to adhere to the UK environmental standards regarding noise pollution. Most importantly, they will keep everyone safe from the negative effects noise brings.

So, if you need a silencer for a discharge vent or something else, please let us know. We design bespoke equipment to make sure it delivers the best reduction in noise.