Why is my HVAC system being noisy?

There are times when an air vent causes so much noise that you need to equip it with a silencer. Fortunately, we are one of the country’s top suppliers of these products. This isn’t simply due to the fact that our silencers are very high quality. We also manufacture them so that they can match your unique specifications.
If you can’t hear anyone speak, chances are that your vents are too loud. Certain sounds are normal, like whooshing air or quiet hums. In some instances however, HVAC systems make peculiar noises that soon become loud and disruptive. Below, we have listed some of the most typical causes of these sounds. This will help you determine the steps to fix the issue.


Firstly, we’re going to talk about rattling. It could mean one of many things if you hear a rattle coming from an air vent. If the source is the exterior unit, there may be some variety of debris inside. An example would be a twig. The grate shall safeguard against the majority of large objects. However, it’ll still be possible for smaller items to get inside.


Your HVAC system could be making a hissing sound instead. If you’re hearing a hiss, then there’s probably air escaping from somewhere. One of the most common locations is the walls. This means that your ducts could be leaking. Aside from producing annoying noises, this also causes you to lose money because the air is leaking into the walls and not circulating throughout the premises.

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At Ventx, we help our customers in creating much quieter industrial environments. One of our most valuable tools is our sophisticated computer software. With it, we can develop predictive acoustic silencers for apparatus that haven’t passed the design stage. This includes all kinds of air vent.

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