Noise reduction is essential for natural gas production

Ventx has over a decade’s worth of experience in the design of natural gas silencers. We also fashion a host of other industrial models for various needs. Primarily, we serve clients in the Service and Petro-Chem industries. They can secure practical and economical solutions with our help.
Recently, there has been an increase in interest in the oil and gas business. Higher global requests and worries about domestic energy stocks are the causes. There is also a growing disdain for our reliance on foreign oil sources. As a result, businesses of all sizes are looking for other options. A large number of companies want to secure domestic stockpiles in commercial amounts.

Such an aggressive strategy has had its effects. More businesses are seeking out and generating natural gas and oil. Many of them are looking at areas close to commercial and residential developments in the UK. Exploration companies will do what they can to satisfy landowners if they find resources. However, one issue has proven itself more annoying than most others have. This is the noise.

Hydrocarbon production

During exploration, the well could encounter commercial volumes of fuel. Those in charge shall then bring in production gear. This can remove the hydrocarbon from the ground. They will then convey it through a pipeline or store it in tanks.

For oil production, this is a quiet operation. With natural gas though, noise is a bigger issue. You need to treat and compress natural gas before it goes in the pipeline. The compression is an incredibly noisy affair. In addition, it’s possible that the compressors could remain active for years. As such, minimising the noise is a top priority. Luckily our natural gas silencers can do the job.

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