The UK’s workplace noise action levels

The problem with working in an industrial setting is the noise. Spending long periods of time in places with high noise levels can damage your hearing. The results can be permanent too. To avoid this, it is necessary to utilise the right tools. We’re a business that specialises in providing these goods. In our collection, you can find steam vent silencer designs as well as many more.

Workplace Noise Action Levels and Noise Exposure Limits exist in the UK. They function as safety nets because of workplace noise being common in industrial and commercial settings. All businesses need to comply with them.

UK Noise Regulations determine three stages of control relating to noise exposure limits in work areas. The stages relate to the amount of exposure to the noise of workers averaged over a particular working week or day. Also, they refer to the total noise that employees can experience in one working day.

What are the levels?

Let’s have a look at what the current workplace noise action levels are. The limits include the lower exposure action value. These are a daily or weekly personal noise exposure of 80 dB(A) and a peak sound pressure of 135 dB(C).

Then there is the upper exposure action values. They are a daily or weekly personal noise exposure of 85 dB(A) and a peak sound pressure of 137 dB(C).

Finally, there are the exposure limit values. These are a daily or weekly personal noise exposure of 87 dB(A) and a peak sound pressure of 140 dB(C).

The difference between dB(A) and dB(C)

We’ve mentioned dB(A) and dB(C) a few times here and you are likely wondering what the difference is. The first is an 8-hour equivalent noise exposure level that is measured on an A-weighted scale. As for the latter, it is a peak exposure level measure on the C-weighted scale.

The significance of a peak exposure is that it is an instant noise level and one occurrence during a whole shift. It’s one that might render a noise exposure over any of the three reference values. For example, a worker might be exposed to a personal noise level of 75 dB(A) in their shift. But, they use an anvil and hammer for a few minutes. Whilst hammering, they could have a potential peak exposure of 141 dB(C). This would mean the level is over the Exposure Limit Value.

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