How do industrial silencers work with HVAC structures?

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Soundproofing technology is commonly used with HVAC systems. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning can be very noisy. This is due to loud fans or motors. Sound waves can travel through the ductwork, filtering into the area. They can also echo through ducts and come out the end, causing a lot of noise as a result.

What you need to do

Industrial silencerThe first step should be to decide where you should set up the HVAC systems. It is important to get it right so that the noises won’t be disturbing or harmful to people. Therefore it is a good idea to have a map of noise propagation. The introduction of noise management solutions like silencers also means you need to think of space restrictions. It is vital you have enough room for the additional equipment, including any silencers. You also need to consider aerodynamic pressure losses and fan selection.

On one hand, the requirement is to limit the noise produced by gas or air flow. On the other, you must avoid the undermining of these flows. For this reason, you can consider a silencer appropriate for these situations.

Industrial silencers from the experts

At Ventx, we go above and beyond to ensure that our customers leave satisfied with our industrial silencers and services. Thanks to the materials we use, these utensils can endure any thermal shock generated via extreme temperatures. Furthermore, they come with an inlet diffuser. Its purpose is to decrease the valve’s size through a controlled back pressure.

If you would like more details about industrial silencers, feel free to contact us anytime. We offer a full service, from design to installation and after-care. Rely on us if you have a noisy HVAC system.

It’s important to manage noise in the manufacturing industry

An industrial silencer can be useful in all kinds of scenarios. We happen to be a top supplier of this equipment. Our team create bespoke silencers to ensure they meet your needs. Furthermore, they exclusively use first class materials to bring you a product that will last. As a result we are the go to company for clients in various industries.

The silencers we create can be a big help in controlling the level of noise in the manufacturing industry. Managing sound levels is important for several reasons, including protecting workers and also improving the quality of the products that are made.

What is noise?

Industrial silencerWe define it as an unwanted sound that causes discomfort. A single decibel is the faintest sound we humans can hear. Unless the workplace has more than 85 decibels, noise pollution shouldn’t be a concern.

In recent history, workplace noises have been rising every decade, especially in industrial facilities. For example there are workers within the steel industry that work near heavy blowers. They encounter 112dB for eight hours a day. This can cause substantial harm to them.

Choosing a solution

There is a precursory step to choosing and designing a noise control solution. It is to recognise and examine the origins of the sounds. To set the control strategy up with the proper approach, you must consider certain factors. These include the type of sound, room acoustics, noise levels and temporal pattern, propagation, and also frequency.

You have to determine other critical factors as well. These include the type of work as well as the amount of time everyone exposes themselves to the noise. If possible, you should inspect levels in areas where the most work goes on.
At Ventx, we can create an industrial silencer that will deliver the performance you’re seeking. With this equipment your working environments shall become much quieter. In addition they will be much better for your employees and any guests. We’re sure that you’ll love the results.

If you want to know more about our products, please get in touch. We are happy to offer design advice and support large and small manufacturers.

Ventx keep Delivering Steam Vent Silencers

Ventx Limited send more large steam vent silencers to Stanlow Refinery at Ellesmere Port.  The final delivery of nine steam vent silencers completes a total of 18 units deliveried in the last two years.
The year also saw the order and delivery of 30 steam vent silencers of various sizes to three new biomass plants at Barry, Boston & Hull.