Never ignore acoustic insulation

The problem with certain facilities is the impact they have on the environment. Limiting this can be a bit of an issue without the right equipment. However, we can create reliable solutions for various needs. This includes our first rate industrial silencers. If you want to keep the noise down, they are your best option.
With silencers, every user wants to guarantee a smooth function. They also desire flawless noise attenuation. There’s only way to ensure this however; you must pay attention to specific areas. One of the most important is acoustic insulation. If you neglect this, there could be a reduction in performance or even a failure.

Look at the whole system

There’s something you must do when creating an acoustically and economically effective blow-off installation. You have to think about the whole system. However, something unfortunate happens rather frequently here. The high noise limitation obtainable with a contemporary vent silencer becomes null. The culprit is the noise released from valves or pipes close by. Said valves and pipes are either poorly insulated or not at all.


The ideal approach to noise depletion is prevention via an appropriate system design. This is in particular for transfer pipes. The general rule here is that flow pipe diameters need to be huge and constant. Your pipes may have to be straight too. This allows for a low flow rate. It lowers the turbulent flow conditions and the pipe’s pressure loss as well.

industrial silencersFor maximum efficiency, you must implement your measures comprehensively. It doesn’t make much sense for you to match a blow-off pipe’s dimension to a valve outlet and increase the diameter right before the silencer. This will cause a high blow-off speed inside the narrower duct section as a result. In turn it shall cause an increase in sound emissions coming from the pipe.

At Ventx, we make sure that all our industrial silencers work correctly. The last thing we want is for them to undermine your systems in any way. So that this doesn’t happen, we’re careful to match the silencer to the application.
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