Silencers suitable for air-handling systems

One of the biggest challenges that industrial professionals face is keeping the noise levels to a minimum. This is vital to ensure they comply with health and safety requirements. The trouble is that you need the right equipment to do this. However, we happen to be a first rate supplier of the silencers. For example, our steam vent silencer can prove to be a valuable addition to your property.
Noise limiting silencers are essential for reducing noise in air-handling systems. Many factors can lead to the noise. This includes the flow of air through components like branches and elbows. Air flows in straight ducts can also generate some unsettling sounds.
To combat the noise, you can use a series of silencers. We’ll be going over some of the ones we supply below. We shall also look at some interesting details about them.

Engine exhaust silencers

Firstly, we’ll cover engine exhaust silencers. The clue as to how you use them is in the name. However, there are separate options available. With compact spaces where vertical space is scarce, low profile and puck-style ones are practical. They provide a tight fit for several applications. There are also single and dual-inlet models for both.

Fan silencer

The next design on our list is the industrial fan silencer. You can find them on the discharge or inlet side. One exception is when you’re working with air conditioning units that have the discharge and inlet ducted into inhabited spots. In these instances, you install the silencers on both sides of your fan. The types of fan silencers that exist include vaneaxial and industrial tubular designs.
At Ventx, we take great care when matching each of our silencers to the applications. This is the only way they can work correctly without undermining your systems. With our products, you can manage the noise coming from fans, ducts, generators, and more. We also offer a reliable steam vent silencer if these vents are producing loud noises.
Get in touch with us today if you would like additional information. We offer bespoke designs and ensure clients get the best returns.