You can’t have absorptive silencers without customisation

We are a business known for excelling in industrial silencer design. These specialist devices allow users to tackle the noise their facilities produce. Our team does not just design a few models however; we are able to create a huge array of options to serve all sorts of applications.

One of the many options here is the absorptive silencer. There are a number of elements that ensure these will work properly. One of the most important however is customisation. In this post, we will be talking about the reasons why it is critical for the silencer’s performance.


Each absorptive silencer has to have the right amount of baffles. These must be of optimum length and thickness. In addition, the air passage paths need to be of the right size for the particular sound spectrum, temperature, and volume.

The environment is essential

Because the silencer has to lower incoming noise, the environment you use it in shall be crucial. The acoustic performance is going to be influenced by a number of elements. This includes gas characteristics and the temperature. Other ones that can affect it include the systems physical layout and its configuration. Furthermore, your silencer needs to be able to fit into the space that is available.


This is one other vital consideration. That is because the airflow through your silencer shall produce a lot of pressure. It shall affect the acoustic performance significantly.

Remember that many factors help with the design of absorptive silencers. As such, off-the-shelf answers for industrial noise reduction are either impossible or impractical.

Increasing the difficulty of locating the ideal design is that the factors above are commonly in conflict. Due to this fact, you should work with our team. We understand the designs of countless silencers and can give you the noise control solutions you require.

Expert industrial silencer design

At Ventx, we use acoustic modelling software to design our silencers. With it, we examine your systems and then create the perfect model. We make sure that we get the silencers right. If we didn’t, they would simply compromise your current systems.

So, please give us a call if you would like to work with Ventx. We have a reputation for offering industrial silencer design that will achieve the best results. Try today and see how much we can reduce your noise.