Sound field differentiations

Industrial noise reduction is an area we have been specialising in for a long time. We help our clients reduce the sound causing trouble on their sites thanks to our industrial silencers. Using our acoustic modelling software, we are able to design and then produce the perfect silencer models for every client.

When it comes to the subject of reducing industrial noise, there is something important you need to familiarise yourself with; the differentiation of sound fields. Free, far, and near fields all depend on the directional characteristics and sound power level of the noise source. In addition, they rely on the attributes of the medium the sound waves come across. Whether they actually pass through it, get diffused, reflected, or absorbed by it is important too.

Near field

This is the area that is nearest to the sound source. At this part of the field, there is no straightforward link between sound distance and level. The sound pressure level could change substantially with a minor position change. At this region, the pressure won’t adhere to the inverse square law. Also, the particle velocity won’t be in phase.

Far field

This is the area that is distant from the noise source. Within this region, the sound pressure level adheres to the inverse square law. Here, the noise level drops 6dB with every doubling of distance from the source. The sound particle velocity is also in phase with the pressure. It is important to look at this when you tackle industrial noise reduction.

Inside far field, there are two extra fields; free and reverberant. The first one is a region that does not have an adjacent reflecting surface. Here, sound acts as if it is in open air with no obstructions. As for reverberant, this is a region where the reflections from objects could be as strong as the direct sound coming from the noise source.

Your partner for industrial noise reduction

At Ventx, we know that it is essential to design our silencers using the proper methods. If we didn’t, we would not be able to do our part for tackling the issue. Fortunately, we have the experience as well as the equipment to succeed.

So, please give us a call if you would like to work with us on industrial noise reduction. Whatever your needs, we can satisfy them. This includes facilities in a whole host of industries.