Fail steam traps and dirty water may be causing the noise

We have been providing quality silencers to clients for years. Our experience and equipment allow us to develop solutions that fit perfectly into your facilities. For example, our steam boiler silencer shall be able to work in your property without compromising your systems. As a result, it is the perfect investment for tackling noise.

The thing with steam boilers is that they are known to make a variety of noises. However, this does not necessarily mean they should be making them. In reality, the system would be quiet as long as there is no issue with the installation or maintenance. You should look into any noise you hear; they could be a sign of a serious problem.

Water hammer noise is one issue you might encounter. The question though is how it happens. Read on if you want to know more about some of the most common causes of these noises.

Fail steam traps

These may be responsible for your noise woes. The traps get utilised in two-pipe steam boiler systems. It is their job to separate the steam and water by trapping the former inside the radiators. They also let the water flow into the returns. Should the traps fail, steam is able to travel freely through return pipes that are full of water. As a result, it can cause water hammer noises.

Is your water filthy?

You might also be dealing with dirty boiler water. The water that exists in your steam boiler must be free of any debris, grease, and oil. These contaminants create an uneven steam distribution. It can lead to the water travelling up to the steam mains. Such action produces “wet” steam. This can cause water hammer and the water level to fluctuate.

Every system has its own instructions on how to correctly skim the debris, grease, and oil off the top of your water line. If you work to solve these problems and the boiler is still producing loud noises, you will likely need a silencer.

The best place to look for a steam boiler silencer

At Ventx, we work to supply the UK’s greatest silencers. Our industrial products will keep you, your workers, and anyone else on site safe. In addition, they will reduce the amount of noise that leaves the site. This protects the wider area and environment.

So, if you require a steam boiler silencer or any other model, contact us today. We offer high quality solutions to clients in an exhaustive list of industries.