Why we need noise control in harsh work settings

Efficient noise control is something we work hard to help our clients achieve. For this to happen, we use acoustic modelling software. This helps us to design and manufacture the ideal silencers for everyone. It could be a HVAC system, a loud steam vent, a huge industrial fan or noisy machinery, whatever the need, we can provide a solution.

In every single workplace it is important to consider the acoustics. The last thing you want is to leave your team working in a place that is too noisy for them to do their job. This can also be detrimental to their health and wellbeing.


In industries like offshore oil and gas it is even more important to address the loud noises. This is because personnel live and work in the area and can’t escape the sounds. Exposing them to the noise for long periods can be really harmful to them.

Managing the noise is beneficial for more than the wellbeing of employees though. For starters, it makes communication easier and can boost performance too. Being able to communicate effectively is important in such dangerous settings. If it is so loud your employees can’t hear each other, machinery, or even warning alarms, there will be more risks.

Moreover, employees that reside on site need to be able to rest and relax when they are not working. This can improve their productivity and efficiency. If it is so loud they can’t sleep or unwind in their spare time, you can find more issues with illness and focus.


Noise pollution and its effects also cause many problems for habitats. As a result, sound regulation is crucial for preserving healthy and safe wildlife. Many businesses will be capable of anticipating issues of this nature. They need to address their corporate responsibility. They need to tailor their initiatives to the wellbeing of animals and humans alike.

Reliable noise control

At Ventx, we help people to tackle the issue of noise through the use of our silencers. We match them to the application our team is currently dealing with. Therefore the silencer can serve your needs without compromising any of your other systems.

If you would like talk to us about noise control and what we can do, please give our team a call. We are an expert team with access to wonderful resources. You won’t find a better partner if you need to tackle noise issues, even in harsh work settings.