Why is air venting important?

Many industrial processes rely on cooling to remove heat from equipment and systems. These cooling solutions can including heat exchangers and steam vents to help dissipate the heat. They can also include an air vent so it is possible to remove any air or non-condensable gases. The issue is the vents can generate a lot of noise. The team at Ventx can help with this. We have the skills to develop a steam vent silencer to suit any system.

The issues

The presence of air and non-condensable gases in a distribution network or process equipment can cause a number of problems. Most significantly, it can affect the performance and how efficient the plant is. On top of this, it can increase the start up time. So, the solution is to vent the gases so they are no longer in the system. However, it is important to get the venting right.

If the air venting is not effective or not done at all, it can cause a number of issues. For example, it can hit productivity by reducing the heat transfer rate. Even a thin layer of air can insulate a heat exchanger and make it less effective.

In addition, the air and other non-condensable gases left within a system can cause higher corrosion. This can lead to more wear on components in systems. With enough time it could even result in unexpected failures.

Other issues include malfunctioning traps as well as a reduction of the steam pressure. It is wise to use traps with air venting to protect their performance and reduce issues.

Steam vent silencer

While air venting is important, it can be noisy. Luckily, Ventx can help by creating bespoke silencers. They fit directly on to the vents and have absorptive material to ensure effective silencing.

If you need a steam vent silencer or any other model, we can create it for you. We have great resources, including top of the range 3D modelling software. As a result, we can get a better idea of important things like the fit and performance we can deliver.

Speak to us today to discuss the benefits of silencing and why our equipment is the perfect option for you.