Why is it important to customise silencers?

The work we do at Ventx is important as it helps to tackle the issues of industrial noise. By using acoustic modelling software, we can design a diffuser silencer or any other model for any area. The products we create will work in tandem with your existing systems, ducts, and vents. As a result, they won’t compromise them or cause a loss of performance.

To counter the effects of noisy manufacturing floors and loud machinery, many companies use industrial silencers. They aid with acoustic attenuation and also lower the risks of exposing people to high levels of noise. In order to ensure the performance of the silencers, you need to customise them. Allow us to give you a little info about why this is so vital.

Baffles and air passage paths

Every absorptive silencer needs to have the proper amount of baffles. They have to be the right length and thickness. The air passage paths also need to be the proper size. This is for the temperature, flow volume, and sound waves. The best way to achieve this is to design each model to be unique for the setting.

The environment

Silencers must lower incoming noise. As a result, it is wise to think about the environment you will be using them in. Their performance is going to be influenced by an array of elements. Examples include layouts, gas characteristics, and temperature. In addition, you need to design the silencer so that it fits into your space.


This should be another consideration. The airflow through your absorptive silencer shall lead to pressure loss. This will influence the acoustic performance in a big way.

Addressing the specific elements

Remember that many elements contribute to the silencers’ designs. Because of this, off the shelf models for noise reduction are usually impractical. There is something else that adds to the difficulty of locating the most suitable design; the elements tend to be in conflict. Therefore, you need to work with people that understand how innovative solutions work. We are the perfect partner here.

Designing efficient diffuser silencers and more

The silencers we design at Ventx will benefit workers and visitors. In addition to keeping them safe, it allows you to adhere to the UK environmental standards for health and safety and noise pollution. We can work with clients who have an existing site and those with plants that are in the design stage.

So, if we can help you in any way, be sure to let us know. Our expertise is very broad, meaning we are the perfect provider of diffuser silencers, in-line models, and more. Trust us to deliver products you can rely on.