The dangers of oil and gas noise

You may not think that noise is much of a problem. However, exposure to one single loud sound can cause lots of issues. In addition, repeat exposure to noises can cause even more concerns. This is why we provide reliable noise control measures like industrial silencers. There are various models to choose from, with each one suitable for a variety of situations.

There have been many complaints over the years from people residing close to gas and oil operations. One of the most frequent issues is the noise. This can originate from equipment and activities. Examples include fracturing, drilling, well pumps, and truck traffic. The expansion of this industry has also not done much to alleviate the issue. Pipeline facilities, processing plants, and compressor stations are huge sources of noise. Also, they can remain operational all day and into the night.

Suburban and rural people

Changes to the type and level of noise could be especially noticeable in suburban and rural areas. It is here where people are used to quiet, or only sporadic and familiar noises. In many instances, sounds from oil and gas works can make everyone feel as if they are residing in an industrial locale. Noise level fluctuations can be especially hard to adjust to.

The impact on health

Scientific evidence exists that proves noise has negative influences on our health. There are short and long term problems we can experience. These include heart disease, elevated blood pressure, sleep deprivation, and stress. Even the animal kingdom can be affected. With birds for example, they could potentially displace themselves from an area permanently. Populations can decline rapidly if this continues.

With the impacts to people, animals and the environment in mind, it is clear to see that oil and gas noises are a problem. It is therefore essential for those in charge of the projects to install efficient noise management solutions.

Talk to us about noise control for oil and gas and more

At Ventx, we use acoustic modelling software to provide every client with the most suitable noise solutions. With the right silencers at your disposal, you will have what you need to keep the noise levels in check. This can include noises from vents, control valves, loud machinery, and more.

So, if you would like to know more about how our company works and how we offer the most reliable noise control measures, feel free to contact us. You can tell us more about your specific problems, the site, and more. We can then offer a personal service and bespoke products.