The connection between noise and a lack of sleep

We tackle the issue of industrial noise pollution by designing and installing bespoke silencers. There are many potential designs, including the in-line silencer. The one you need will depend on the systems you have, the level of noise, the risks, and more. Using our acoustic modelling software, we will get a better idea of the hazards and use the data to create the perfect solutions.

Noise has a substantial effect on sleep. It can be incredibly disruptive if you live in a noisy location, especially if it is close to loud industrial sites. If there is too much noise it can disrupt your sleep. As a result, you can experience short term complications the next day. Over time, there can be physical and mental consequences. Let’s take a closer look and examine the short and long term effects of noise on sleep.

Short term

Getting enough undisturbed sleep is crucial for performing well and feeling good. You are probably not going to notice those subtle changes that happen to the biochemical experience of sleep and your sleep structure. However, these shifts can appear the following day. This will happen in more obvious ways too. Bad mental health, irritability, and sleepiness are all possible results of noise exposure before or during sleep.

Long term

A lack of decent sleep over a long time has links to a variety of health problems. Notable examples include type 2 diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, and high blood pressure. There is also some research that looks at the link between sleep and cancer. Not sleeping enough can cause wear and tear on cells. Too much of this kind of damage could lead to cancers. So, the link between long-term health effects and noise influencing sleep is clear.

Using an in-line silencer and other models

Industrial facilities have an obligation to ensure they aren’t so noisy that they disturb people in the wider area. They also have to manage the noise levels to protect people who work and visit the facility. One way to do this is to use bespoke silencers. They can help to keep the sounds to a minimum. With less sound, you can enjoy more sleep.

Ventx is one of top names designing and providing stellar industrial silencers in the UK. With our products, you can reduce the sounds coming from fans, ducts, generators, compressors, and more. We make sure we get our products right. As a result, they can function without compromising your systems.

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