Why are my heating vents so loud?

We have dedicated a large amount of time and talent towards producing the best solutions to industrial noise pollution. Our team has the latest acoustic modelling software to ensure we can create suitable silencers. We are even capable of giving you a solution if you are in need of a discharge vent silencer.

Heating vents are able to create noise even when the system’s fan is operating correctly. This is standard for the vent. However, it is possible for the sound to become so loud that it becomes a concern. There could be a multitude of potential reasons why this is happening. We are going to look at some of them here so you know what you could be facing.

Register blockages

The first reason is having blocked or closed registers. Have a look and see if there is a blockage in the return or supply register. Drapes, long curtains, rugs, and furniture could be responsible for this. See to it that they are open to enable air to properly circulate throughout your system.

Narrow ducts

These can be problematic as well. Vents are capable of making noisy whooshing sounds if your supply air ducts are not big enough. Debris is also able to block them. It can make one or multiple vents close too. One thing you can do is use a torch to check if you have dirty vents. If the noise persists though, you will have to take further action.

Dirty air filters

They could also be behind your noise issues. Clogged or dirty filters can generate high-pitch whistling type noises. In addition, they can create noisy thumping sounds. Another sign of clogging would be quick on-and-off cycling. If you have a clog in the filters, you need to replace them ASAP. This is why you should examine each filter frequently.

Loud systems

If none of the issues above are the cause and you merely have a noisy system, you should invest in a silencer. It can be the most effective option, both in terms of performance and cost. It would be far more expensive to replace the entire ventilation system for a modern, quieter one.

Designing your discharge vent silencers

At Ventx, we have more than a decade of experience working in silencer design. We use this, in addition to our quality manufacturing and acoustic knowledge, to produce the perfect designs. Our people have assisted the Service and Petro-Chem industries, as well as various others.

So, if your circumstances require a discharge vent silencer, please give us a call. We can create a product for you that will make any setting quieter.