Countering the noise created by industrial fans

Loud noises are both annoying and potentially dangerous. For this reason, we make it our job to design a wide array of silencers. Your personal circumstances could require a discharge silencer for example. What we will do is use our specialist software to create the ideal product and then install it for you. This ensures you get the most effective silencing.

In many industrial environments, peace and quiet can be in short supply. There can be all kinds of loud sounds to deal with, from machine noise to sound from HVAC systems and vents. You and your colleagues will likely have to work in these conditions for many hours each day. You might need time to hear yourself think or have an important conversation. For this as well as safety and performance reasons, it is important to tackle the noise problem.

Fan noise

Industrial fans could potentially be adding a huge amount to the noise level. Luckily, it is possible to reduce it by utilising a fan silencer. We can provide this for you.

An open fan outlet or inlet is one of the top culprits responsible for excessive noise levels. An outlet and/or inlet silencer can limit this. There are additional factors to think about here too. We are going to go into more detail about those next.

The important factors

One thing to think about when choosing inlet fan silencers is the sort of fan you are using. This can be axial and centrifugal. You need to know what type it is to ensure you choose the right silencer. Plus, you need to see if there is also the allowable drop in pressure and should check your ductwork’s configuration.

The next factor we will mention is the amount of industrial fan noise reduction that is necessary. At the fan’s discharge, you will have to think about temperature control, pressure, and velocity. All of them have an impact on the amount of noise. You may need to address one or all of them to reduce it.

Finally, there is corrosion resistance and material handling requirements. After you examine each of these factors, you will be in an excellent position to select the ideal fan silencer.

A bespoke industrial discharge silencer

At Ventx, we provide industrial silencers to client in all kinds of industries. The bespoke designs will benefit everyone on and around the site, including any visitors. At the same time, you can use your silencer to comply with the UK environmental standards.

So, if you require a discharge silencer or one of our other items, feel free to call us. We offer the best service in the UK, working to make facilities safer. Plus, the silencers can even protect sensitive equipment and systems.