What is continuous and intermittent noise?

Controlling noise levels was more difficult in the past for industrial facilities. These days, we have silencers to help us. At Ventx, we design these essential utensils by using specialist software. Thanks to this, we can make the perfect solutions for you. For example, if you need a blow down silencer, you can count on us.

Noise may be all the same to you. However, the truth is that it actually comes in various sounds, sizes, and shapes. To properly comprehend this however, it is vital that you know what the individual kinds of noise are. Below, you will find a breakdown of some of the different types.

Continuous noise

This is precisely what it says it is; noise that generates continuously. It can originate from ventilation and heating systems, as well as engines and factory equipment.

It is possible to measure this sort of noise for a few minutes with the aid of a sound level meter. That will supply you with a reasonable representation of the level. To inspect it further you can utilise a sound level meter with octave band analysis. Here you can break down the noise into all the different frequencies.

Rapid increases and decreases in noise

Another type of noise would be the intermittent variety. This is a noise level that decreases and increases swiftly. It could be the result of aircraft flying above your house or factory gear that functions in cycles. It can even come from trains passing by.

You can measure this noise similarly to how you would with continuous. The difference is that you must know the duration of every occurrence. You also need to know the time between each one.

Effective solutions when you need a blow down silencer

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