Why are my boiler’s pipes banging?

Loud noise affects us in various negative ways. Therefore, we should be doing our best to keep it to a minimum. The problem is that this is more difficult in industrial settings. What you need is the right specialist equipment. We can assist you here by providing first class silencers, including steam boiler silencer designs and many more.

If you own a boiler system, it is likely you are familiar with the noise of your pipes banging occasionally. They will do this without warning. You are probably wondering what is causing the issue. In addition, you may not know whether it is harmful to your system or not. We are going to offer you an explanation of what these sounds may be.


One recurring cause of banging sounds within these systems is air in the pipes. It can enter the pipe due to a number of reasons. For example, it can happen if you have recently replaced a component or if there is a defective valve. This is particularly common for boilers that supply radiators. If air gets in the system it can result in pressure fluctuations. These make loud banging or gurgling noises.

Trapped water

This is another potential source of the noise. Once water gets trapped inside your boiler, it is subjected to more heat than it can handle. From here, it evaporates into steam. As this happens, it expands. It does so to roughly 1,700 times its volume. Such a drastic and sudden rise in pressure may be the culprit behind the banging sounds.

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