Acoustic attenuation explained

Every business wants to get the best industrial silencer design. To do so, you have to match the silencers to the application. This is possible for our company as we have the best acoustic modelling software. We use it to analyse your systems so that the silencer will fit but not interfere with them.

Noise induced hearing loss is a major health issue. This is especially true for people who work in the manufacturing industry. Such a condition tends to be the result of regular exposure to loud sounds. Those ones that are above 85 decibels can cause damage over time. These noises are common in many facilities like these.

A number of businesses are adopting industrial silencers. They are doing so to reduce the negative effects of loud manufacturing floors and machinery. A silencer can assist with acoustical attenuation as well. It is wise to look at what this is before you pick your own silencers.

Two ways to be dispensed

Acoustic attenuation is the erosion of sound as it moves through separate materials. Sound waves get dispensed, and therefore diminished, in two manners.

The first way this occurs is via absorption. This uses porous substances to absorb the sound waves. Then, it turns the sound energy into heat. Finally, it disperses into the atmosphere.

The second element is scattering. This redirects the sound waves, turning them away from their initial path. At times, the waves can be travel back to the original source of noise.

Acoustic attenuation unites these two approaches. It does so to lower noise perception and volume. Reactive and absorptive silencers use a mixture of the methods. Steam vent and combination silencers do too. They do this so they can attenuate noise inside industrial environments.

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At Ventx, we have more than a decade’s worth of experience in acoustic attenuation. Due to this, our skills are second to none. Clients in various industries take advantage of our services. This includes power and petro chem. Your company could be next on the list.

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