Autoclaves are more important than ever now

There are lots of vital pieces of equipment in the healthcare sector. One machine that is often overlooked though, is the autoclave. It is easy to forget just how important it is. However, without them it would be harder to disinfect things. They are proving to be even more essential during the fight against COVID-19. At Ventx we can help the people who use them by offering a reliable autoclave silencer.

What does an autoclave do?

These machines use steam at a high temperature and under high pressure to disinfect various items. This can include medical devices such as surgery tools. The steam should be 97% vapour and 3% moisture. This will deliver the most effective heat transfer and faster disinfection.

Autoclaves can vary in size to suit different needs. For example, there can be small models for labs or operating theatres that only need enough capacity for a few trays. On the other hand, some medical facilities have much larger models so they have the capacity for up to twenty trays. Then there are industrial size models that can be as big as a truck.


The battle against coronavirus is continuing all around the world. Because it is so contagious, disinfection is important. That is why autoclaves are an essential tool. They can help researchers and people conducting testing. The high heat and pressure of the steam can kill the virus and any other bacteria.

Is an autoclave silencer necessary?

At Ventx we appreciate that some of the most essential pieces of equipment can be noisy. Autoclaves are no different. This can cause some concerns, especially when using them in areas where there will be a lot of people around. Prolonged exposure to the noise could be detrimental to their health. Luckily, there are solutions available. We can design a silencer to reduce the noise.

If you need a reliable silencer, you can talk to us about it. Simply get in touch and tell us about your machinery and the setting.