Which industries have the loudest noises to deal with?

At Ventx our goal is to make workplaces safer and ensure that operations don’t cause harm to employees or people nearby. To do this, we design silencers that we can add to noisy machinery or systems. With our help businesses can address their responsibilities for industrial noise reduction. We give them the best support and solutions that will work.

Loudest industries

Not every workplace will be excessively noisy. In fact, most of them will have safe noise levels. However, there are some where it can be so loud that it is very dangerous. Here it will likely be necessary to think about noise reduction and PPE.

Ground crew

One of the noisiest jobs you can have is working as ground crew at an airport. Jet engines can generate a huge amount of noise, sometimes even exceeding 150dB. To put into perspective how dangerous that it, sounds over 85dB are industrial noise. The noise from the planes is therefore very hazardous.

People on the ground at airports are at the most risk of exposure to these sounds. This could be jobs like loading or unloading baggage, clearing the runway, operating ramps or stairs, driving fuel trucks, or inspecting the aircraft. As a result they can be working very close to planes and have them flying overhead too. That is why hearing protection is vital here.


Whether it is small or large scale, most manufacturing jobs will be noisy. This is generally because they rely on heavy machinery. It can be noisiest when the operations involve metal fabrication.

There is a high risk to people who work in these facilities, especially if they have continuous exposure to the noise. The solution is to use silencers and hearing protection.


Any kind of building or demolition work can be very noisy. In most cases the source of the noise is heavy plant equipment such as excavators. Some impact equipment, including pneumatic drills, can generate sounds up to 140dB.

Once again people working in construction rely on hearing protection. It is essential to ensure they are not unprotected on loud sites.

Mining or oil refining

These are two more industries that rely on loud, heavy equipment. Removing raw materials from the ground, whether it is iron ore, coal, or oil can be very hazardous. The noise is just one of the risks here. As a result any companies in these industries need to do regular risk assessments. They must then ensure their employees have sufficient safety equipment.

Addressing industrial noise reduction

Ventx is one of the UK’s leading silencer experts. We can deliver solutions for almost any need, whether it is a manufacturing facility or a noisy pipe line or HVAC system. Our approach is to work closely with the client to get a clear idea of their operations. Then we use 3D modelling software to design the silencer, ensuring it will fit and perform properly.

If you have a noise problem in your facility and would like our help, please get in touch. We can discuss industrial noise reduction with you and ensure you select the right products. Ultimately we will help you to get the sound to a safer level for people on and around the site.