When is noise an issue with steam vents?

Industrial facilities need to consider how noisy the operations are. They have an obligation to address the noise if it is harmful to people on and around the site. To do it they may require specialist silencers. This could include a steam vent silencer, especially if they are ever venting high pressure steam to the atmosphere.

One thing to keep in mind is that every facility is unique. As a result the strategy to tackle the noise needs to be too. There may be some very specific instances where it is very noisy. This can include:

When using safety relief valves

Many systems have these valves in case the pressure builds up too much. If it happens the valve can open to release some of the steam and bring the pressure down. However, doing this can create a huge amount of noise. That is why it may be necessary to use a silencer.

Boiler start up

Steam boilers are very popular in industrial facilities and many large buildings. They are the most effective choice here because steam can move easier through pipes than water. But, it may be necessary to dump steam every time the boiler starts. This can be noisy and may mean you need a silencer.

System maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital on steam systems to reduce the risk of leaks and other issues. However, before it can happen the lines must be de-pressurised to make them safe to work on. This will mean that venting is necessary. Once again that can cause a lot of noise and you may need a steam vent silencer.

Steam ejectors

Some systems require a steam ejector to extract air and non-condensing gases. The problem is that when they do that they need to eject or exhaust them. Yet again this can be noisy and silencers may be needed.

Talk to us if you need a steam vent silencer

At Ventx we know how problematic discharging steam can be. Luckily, we can design solutions for clients in many different industries. Our goal is to offer the most reliable silencers, whether we are providing them for steam vents, relief valves, or any other part of a system.

So, whatever you need, come to us for advice and first rate products. We design each steam vent silencer in-house, using top of the line 3D modelling software. This lets us ensure it will fit the system properly. You can contact us if you have any questions or want advice about tackling noise.