Silencers for industrial stacks

Tall chimneys are one of the hallmarks of industrial sites. In fact, there are some cases when they become iconic pieces of architecture; just look at the former Battersea Power Station. However, when they are operational, these stacks need the right design. They must be able to withstand mechanical, thermodynamic, and aerodynamic pressure. Plus, they may need to feature silencers to address the noise they create. It is important to get the industrial silencer design right here.

Why are they necessary?

The chimneys, most commonly known as stacks, serve a vital purpose in aeraulic networks. They allow a safe release of high pressure air, water vapour, gases, or fumes. You see them most often at power stations and other facilities that use some form of combustion in their operations.

While their presence is vital, the stacks can cause a number of issues. Most notable is the noise they can generate. A release of any pressurised gas to the atmosphere can be extremely noisy. With a stack, the amount of air or gas and the rate of the flow can make them even louder. In cases the noise can be so high that it is dangerous to people and the environment.

Industrial silencer design

The key to tackling the noise from stacks is to use a silencer. The right product here can provide a combination of attenuation and sound absorption. As a result, less sound will escape to disturb people on and around the site. It will also mean less damage to the environment.

However, if you do plan to install a silencer in a stack you must consider the structural stability. The stacks are designed carefully to ensure they can handle the loading. Installing a silencer without thinking about the impact of the extra load could result in a structural failure. Instead, it is essential to examine the construction materials and ensure they can support the extra loading.

It is also important that the silencer can deal with the flow speed. If the velocity is too high, it can generate even more noise when it meets the silencing media.

Talk to the experts

Ventx is one of the UK’s leading names for industrial silencer design. We can offer solutions for clients in a huge array of industries, including power generation and petro chem. Our goal on every project is to deliver a product that will provide the best sound reduction while also ensuring it does not cause an issue with the system or structure.

So, if you need help with industrial noise, especially from a network where you vent gas, you can rely on us. Get in touch today to tell us more about your site and systems. We will be able to offer advice once we know more.