Where is that noise coming from?

The goal of our company is to offset the issue of industrial noise pollution. To do so, we design silencers that enable their users to control the level of noise their machines produce. There are various models that we specialise in, including the intake silencer. In addition to keeping you safe, our merchandise shall ensure that you are following the law.

With HVAC systems, you must do whatever is possible to keep noise levels at a minimum. Careful design and installation goes a long way here. In fact, the first is essential.

However, these systems age just like everything else does. Parts begin degrading and noise levels rise, even in the best designs. Furthermore, alterations to the building’s inner layout can influence the system’s function. This is especially true when you alter the size of a room.

The fix

For a system that is noisy overall, the fix could be an easy one. You might simply need to minimise the air pressure inside your system. This may not work though. In this scenario, you can try a few simple steps to minimise the fan noise. Lining the ductwork with fibreglass liner or installing mufflers could work. A better option may be to install a silencer though.


The dampers within a variable air volume system can result in noise concerns too. They might only close partially. When this happens, the same level of air shall force its way through a more compact opening. The difference is that it will do so with higher velocity. Things can get quite loud as a result.

Dampers with broken gears can also generate noisy banging sounds. Once the control system conveys a message to close a damper, they begin the operation. Afterwards, the gears slip, producing noise.

Creating a bespoke intake silencer

At Ventx, we have decades of experience of quality manufacturing and acoustic knowledge. We build on this to bring you the very best silencers money can buy. In addition to being practical, our solutions are cost effective thanks to our great prices.

If you need a unique intake silencer, contact us today – we will design it for you.