Loud noise does nothing positive for your wellbeing

With noise reduction, you really need a tool you know that is going to work. This is our area of expertise. Using our state of the art acoustic modelling software, we can create something that fits in with your own systems. In other words, you can have an in-line silencer, or another design, that perfectly matches your requirements.

If there is one thing that annoys people in the workplace, it is noise. This is not the greatest of news for employees. We say this because huge noise levels can result in more than simple irritation. There are actually several ways it can influence people. Read on to discover what some of them are.


For one thing, noise stresses people out. There is more to stress at work than office policies and deadlines. Noise leads to stress within our bodies too. Prolonged exposure to specific loud sounds cause psychological stress responses within us. This includes heart rate and blood pressure spikes. It is even possible to be affected by the sounds we hear inside offices.

A costly affair

Loud noises are a costly issue too. According to World Health Organisation estimates, the annual cost to Europe from considerable noise levels is £30billion. This includes productivity losses, healthcare costs, and lost working days. Inside that figure is a considerable amount of sick days. Compare it to home workers, and those in an open plan office take 70% more sick days.

Loss of focus when multitasking

You can also expect multitasking to be harder. The more you try to multitask, the greater the chance of environmental sounds becoming a distraction. Habitual multitaskers are more likely to lose focus because of it. In addition, once they lose it, it is harder for them to get their first task back into their heads.

Let us design an in-line silencer for you

At Ventx, we use our silencers to help reduce the physical and mental impacts loud noises have on people. Using the right type of silencer, you can manage the noise level from numerous machines. You can also silence HVAC systems and more.

If you ever find yourself in need of silencers, whether it is an in-line silencer or another type, be sure to contact us. We can design a great piece of equipment for you.