What causes the noise in a HVAC system?

Most of us will know how noisy HVAC systems can be. You may notice them at work, while you are in a public building, or even at home. The sounds can be very annoying or even harmful in some cases. However, there are ways to tackle the problem. For example you can use an attenuator or silencer to reduce the noise.

What makes the noises?

While most people know the HVAC systems can be noisy, do you know what causes the sounds? There could be a number of different issues. Individually they can cause noise, but collectively it can get very loud.

Common causes of noise from the systems include vibration of the ducts and fans. The latter can be very noisy, especially if they spin at a high rotation and the fins move.

Some of the loudest sounds can occur because of air changes within the system. For example, the noise can be very loud if there is a big drop in the pressure. This can occur at vents, exhausts, and if there are obstructions in the system.

A lot of people think that HVAC systems will only be noisy when they get old. While older systems can be louder because of wear, dirt, and poor maintenance, new systems are not going to be silent. In fact, they can be noisy because of issues like poor installation and a bad design. Regardless of the age, loose fittings can vibrate and produce noise.

Resolving the issue with an attenuator

At Ventx we have a lot of experience with loud systems including HVAC and industrial equipment. Our goal is to offer the right sound reduction solutions. We design them with care to make sure they will be reliable and deliver great performance. There are various types of attenuator to choose from, including cylindrical and rectangular. As a result, we can offer the perfect shape for any system.

If you have any questions about attenuation or the products we offer, please get in touch.